How "old" are you?


There’s currently a Facebook fad going on that relates to “I’m {insert something here} old,” giving people a chance to remember way back to the things from days of yore, like I’m “black and white TV” old or “I’m 5-cent Coca-Colas.”

As the elder statesman here at the paragraph factory, a badge I wear begrudgingly, I thought I’d find out how “old” Pine Belters were.

As I’m not from around here, some of my answers will mean nothing to some people, so I’ll try and be generic enough.

However, this summer I’m finishing up my 16th year in the Hub City, so I’ve seen a good many changes.

But in the wake of Monday’s news, I’m the Doris Day Show old, as well as Family Affair, the Partridge Family, Shake-a-Puddin’ old and Danish-Go-Rounds old.

Dialing just 5 digits on a rotary phone old.

Drive-in movies on each end of town old.

Playing outside all day old.

A high school with no air conditioner and you couldn’t wear shorts, sundresses or the like old.

Walked the seven or eight blocks to the steps in front of First United Methodist Church in Amory to have yearly band photos made old.

Mannix on Sunday night old.

Jack Lord and James MacArthur, Book ‘em Dann-o, Murder One old.

Driving down Amory’s Main Street at night to see the white domed garbage cans old.

Building tents under the magnolia tree in the front yard with the use of bicycles, quilts, sheets and mother’s clothespin basket old.

Fountain Grill and Sherer’s Drive In old.

Hattiesburg pre-Katrina, blue tarps old.

There used to be woods and grassland there, not a Target, Dollar Tree, Academy…

Pre-Chik-Fil-A old.

Bobby Sherman Teen Beat posters old.

Barbie pre-townhouse old.

Olan Mills pictures taken in a hotel or grocery store location old.

‘Can I check under the hood for you’ at the full-service gas station old.

Linotype machines and punch-ticket type, paste-up newspaper galleys old.

Developing your own black-and-white film in the darkroom old.

Write your papers, do your projects at the library using the encyclopedia, the card catalog and papers tucked away in manila folders in a filing cabinet old.

Third-grade Ms. Davis dressed up as a witch and riding through the cafeteria on her boom a Halloween old.

Watching the early space capsules splash down in the ocean with my classmates on a 30-inch (at best) television set high on a platform on the stage old.

Lay down all the seats in my Dad’s old white Rambler station wagon for a playhouse old.

I lived during the new math era old.

Mrs. Cowden’s kindergarten class held during the morning at the Legion Hut old.

Johnny Polizzi’s grocery store old.

Walking or riding bike to Fatty West’s neighborhood store to buy Now or Later, peach drinks in a bottle or ice cream novelties.

Drinking out of the water hose on a hot summer day old.

Wading in the ditch at the end of street catching tadpoles/baby frogs old.

Going door-to-door with a small orange cardboard box at Halloween to collect money for UNICEF old.

They served cake, nuts, mints and punch at wedding receptions old.

I posed the question on our PineBelt NEWS Facebook page as well as on my personal page. Here are a few of the responses I received in a little more than a day’s time.

Marion Carey Jones – I am riding the elevator in J C Penny when it was downtown "old."

Brandi Wilson – I’m rocket slide & train caboose at Kamper Park old!

Dorothy Ricks – I am swimming in the gravel pit off Edwards Street old.

Lennie Young Schilling – Atari, PAC-Man, Tetris, Oregon Trail old!

Libby Everett – I'm listening to Fibber McGee and Molly on the radio old.

Jamie Massengale – I'm Commodore 64, E.T., Super Mario Bros., Double-Dare, American Gladiators old.

Robert St. John  –  I am riding-my-bike-directly-behind-the-mosquito-truck-in-the-summer old.

Robbie Wilson – I saw Lord of the Rings 2 towers at Beverly drive in and used to eat Bailey’s chicken fingers old.

Allen Barefield – I’m Leaf and Bouie Rivers flood of 1960-61ish old.

James Fennell – I’m watching Dragnet old.

Valerie Boler – I’m cruising Hardy St and Shoney’s in my 68 RS Camaro old

Katye Spears Parker – I’m “used to go to Mr Gatti’s and watch them throw pizza dough, Chain Lighting was my favorite Christmas display, Fine Bros was my mom’s favorite place to shop” old.

Petch Lucas – I'm "The Red Hand Gang" on Saturday morning TV old.

Chris Bowen – I’m YMCA Camp Dantzler old.

How “old” are you?

Beth Bunch is managing editor of The PineBelt NEWS. Some days she feels 30, but days like this week and next week, which are extremely busy with graduations, etc., she feels 85.