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Lumberton officials are once again on the search for another chief for the Lumberton Police Department after Chief Adam Jones handed in his resignation this week, making him the fourth chief to le
Since the Forrest County Board of Supervisors was implemented as a governing agency in 1890 – almost 130 years ago – voters of the county have never elected a woman to the board.
To honor military veterans who have served in every branch of the United States Armed Forces, several organizations in Forrest and Lamar counties will hold a variety of Veterans Day celebrations n
Eaglepalooza will be back in the streets of downtown Hattiesburg this weekend as Moon Taxi pulls in for a performance Friday, Nov. 8, at the intersection of Front Street and Main Street.

Us vs. them: It’s the person – not the party – who can make positive change here in Mississippi


What happened to all the Mississippi Democrats who held state and federal elected office? Nothing really. They just changed their name to Republican.

Jim Hood’s defeat marks the end of a long and checkered history of Mississippi Democrats elected to a major state office.

CARS, DOGS & PROBLEMS: Dog breeds and cars were neighborhood denominations


There is a scene from my childhood that replays in my head often. It’s not of me crossing the goal line and scoring a winning touchdown in a championship football game or knocking a walk-off homerun out of the park to win a Little League championship game, or even rescuing a drowning puppy from a fast-flowing creek.