Linden to perform on Sept. 6 at coffeehouse


Paul Linden and Friends, along with writers/poets Tom Kimmel and Jack Linton will be performing at The Back Door Coffeehouse on Sept. 6.

Linden brings his music full force with piano/guitar/harmonica (piano always seems to smoke after Paul plays it a while).

Linden is a member of Sean Costello and His Jivebombers, both on piano and harmonica.

Along with great music, there will be readings from some of the most talented writers/poets including Tom Kimmel (just back from the wilds) and Jack Linton with a tale that will twist your imagination.

It’s billed to be a special night...for real.

The doors will open at 7 p.m., so come get an up-close table with free JavaWerks coffee or Coke or water. 

To reserve a close table please email us your name and number in your party to: , call or text David Walker at (601) 520-1589.

Childcare available. Show starts at 7:30. The coffee house is a donations-only event. The coffeehouse is located at 3200 Arlington in the back door of University Baptist Church.