Council approves additional lighting throughout Hattiesburg


Hattiesburg City Council members recently authorized work that would provide additional lighting and fixtures in five areas around Hattiesburg, for a total up-front cost of $7,600 and a net increase of $617.59 in the city’s monthly electric bill with Mississippi Power Company.

The locations included in the lighting project are the Sunset-Arcadia Neighborhood, the Greenbriar area, Montague Street, the Carriage Lane area, and the Johnson/Sierra/Parker areas.

“The city always tries to make improvements for the residents of Hattiesburg,” City Engineer Lamar Rutland said. “Generally, these lighting requests come from particular citizens or council members who see areas that are dark and need additional lighting.

“So we simply have agreements with Mississippi Power to install additional lighting on their infrastructure, so that’s what these are.”

The work in Sunset-Arcadia will entail replacing 19 poles and 20 fixtures, and adding 11 new poles and fixtures, for a monthly increase of $462 and a one-time up-front cost of $6,800. The Greenbriar area will receive four new poles and LED lights to replace two 90-watt LEDs for a monthly increase of $68 and an up-front cost of $800.

Montague Street will see one new 90-watt LED for an increase of $12.39 per month, and workers will install three LED lights and poles on Carriage Lane for a monthly increase of $25. The Johnson/Sierra/Parker area will receive six new poles and lights for a monthly increase of $50.

“Generally, we want the brighter LED lighting throughout the city of Hattiesburg, meaning do not install another high-pressure sodium or another similar type fixture in the city,” Rutland said. “If a light goes out, (we want to) replace it with a new LED light.

“In terms of upgrades, a lot of the lighting upgrades that we’ve done have come from the mayor’s (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis that he did within the neighborhoods where they requested additional lighting in some areas, and that was some of your bigger lighting projects.”

Officials have already begun work on some of the areas, including the Sunset-Arcadia Neighborhood, with other areas to follow shortly.

“We don’t have any large lighting upgrades planned as it is right now,” Rutland said. “We’re just filling lighting requests as they come in through citizens and council members. We just did some lighting in Innswood, so we’re just doing it as it’s requested.”