Son of a Gun: Pine Belt actors star in new Civil War film set for April 3 release at Saenger


Son of a Gun, a new Mississippi film starring Hattiesburger Miles Doleac, makes its Hub City premiere at 7 p.m. April 3 at the Saenger Theater. 

Doleac and Hattiesburg-based actress Lindsay Anne Williams, who also plays a role in the film, will be present at the showing to meet and greet the audience along with select members of the cast and writer/director Travis Mills, also a Mississippian.  

Son of a Gun​ is inspired by the “minie ball pregnancy” tall tale from the Civil War. 

Eleven years after the war, a doctor based in Vicksburg named Legrand Capers published a story in a renown medical journal which has been talked about ever since. He claimed that during a battle, a bullet passed from the private parts of a soldier and struck a young woman, therefore causing her to bear a child. 

This myth, which has been discussed at length and disputed since, is the subject of the feature film, ​Son of a Gun, ​ which will focus on Legrand, played by three leading men including Doleac.  

The film was written and directed by Brookhaven-based filmmaker Travis Mills of Running Wild Films, who has produced six feature films to date in Mississippi. It also stars Shannon Williams and Cotten Yancey.

With a focus on local stories, Mills has showcased the history of Mississippi in movies such as the Lawrence County-centered ​Blood Country​, the Dixie Mafia tale ​Cornbread Cosa Nostra​ and this recent Vicksburg-set ​Son of a Gun​. 

He recently filmed in Hattiesburg for the sequel to Porches and Private Eyes, titled ​If These Porches Could Talk​. Mills is also committed to casting Mississippi talent in principal roles, showcasing their talent on a national scale through streaming platforms.

Advance tickets for the show are $10 and are available at Tickets purchased at the door are $15.