County supes to review garbage truck pricing


Lamar County Supervisors want to look over the pricing for the new automated side arm garbage truck after bids came in higher than expected – especially after the lower of the two bids was disqualified because it didn’t meet specifications.

The Board of Supervisors received two bids on the garbage truck on Jan. 11 and immediately took them under advisement.

Last Thursday on Jan. 18, the Board discovered that the lower bid of $213,250 from Empire Truck Sales failed to meet specifications.

County Administrator Joseph “Jody” Waits said the lowest bid was not considered the best bid.

“On this one, we are very particular about the idea that we want a steel cab because of the conditions those trucks are under,” he said. “As you see in the finding, the lowest bid had an aluminum cab and there were other things that didn’t meet the specifications. It allows us to say the best or the lowest.”

Also failing to meet specifications were the radiator as well as three other items noted on the bid sheet. Sansom Equipment was determined to be the best bid at $222,118.

Waits said the agenda item was tabled.

“There had been some questions about the price coming in higher than expected,” he said. “The Board wanted some time to have it reviewed. So no action was taken on that.”

Waits said getting the right truck with all the correct equipment tends to add up when the costs are totaled.

“Initially, just asking around, we thought the garbage truck would cost just the top side of $200,000, $202,000 or something like that,” he said. “However, the more you look into it and spec it out, it will creep up on you a little bit. Even at this price, it’s probably $80,000 than we normally pay. That’s not completely unknown, so they want to be comfortable at this price going forward with the cost and the benefit of it.”

The quality of the machinery is critical, Waits said.

“The equipment has got to be able to handle what we want it to do,” he said. “Purchase law exists to make sure we do the fairest thing with people’s money. But it doesn’t exist to make us buy the cheapest, most inferior product on behalf of the people. If you go to buy and it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, it will cost you more money in the end having to repair it to keep it running.”

In June 2017, Supervisors agreed to buy new 96-gallon gray garbage cans after Cascade Engineering of Grand Rapids, Mich., provided the sole bid of $45.90 each at the March 23 meeting. The cans are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 10 years.

The cans will hold about five normal garbage bags and they are rated at 330 pounds. Each will include an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) chip for tracking in each can in case it is lost or stolen.

A trial run will be made on one route to test the efficiency of the system.

In other action at the Jan. 18 meeting, the Board:

• Approved the Jan. 2, 2018 Board Minutes.

• Termination: James Barrett, North Bridge Driver effective Dec. 28, 2017.

• Family Medical Leave Request for Lacey Hill, Circuit Clerk’s Office to begin Jan. 11, 2018.

• Resigned: Lindsay Caffey, Justice Court effective Dec. 29, 2017.

• Exhaustion of Family Medical Leave: Carl Anderson North Road effective January 26, 2018.

• Status Change: Jonathan Abercrombie from Sanitation to North Bridge Heavy Equipment from $11.10 per hour to $13 per hour effective Jan. 16, 2018.

• Approved paying Sumrall American Legion $3,000 from District 5 Parks & Rec for ball field lease.

• Approved the Chancery Clerk to issue pay certificates for the 2018 County payroll based upon employee pay rates included in the budget as well as approved at the Dec. 4, 2017 Board meeting.

• Approved paying lawful expenses for Clayton Giles, Chris Brumfield and Mark Wooten to attend the SAMSHA Grant Training Conference Feb. 13-14, 2018, in Bethesda, Md. SAMSHA will reimburse expenses.

• Approval to pay lawful expenses of Ruth Mossor, Mary Holly Hammett and William Ferrell to attend Multi-disciplinary Training Focusing on Safety and Removal of Children Conference Jan. 18-19, 2018 in Jackson. Hotel and Conference fee will be paid by Casey Family Programs.

• Approved paying ComSouth Fleet Tracking for six additional new cars that have been ordered. The additional fee will be $450 more per quarter and brings the total from $3,900 to $4,350 per quarter.

• Approved paying lawful expenses of Correctional Officers Richard Verespie and Ashley Jenkins to attend the Correctional Officers Certification School, Jan. 22-Feb. 9, 2018 in Laurel.

• Resigned: Elmer Zelaya, School Crossing Guard effective Dec. 22, 2017.

• Retired: Alice Cameron effective Dec. 26, 2017.

• Approved a finding that Taser International is the sole source provider for Taser brand products.

• Approved buying six new tasers from Taser International in the amount of $7,303.04.

• Approved paying all lawful expenses for Tara Coggins to attend the ASFPM Board Retreat in Madison, Wisc. from Feb. 26-March 1, 2018.

• Authorized the Board President to sign the MDEQ MS4 Annual Report due by Jan. 26 as soon as finished.

• Received and entered Quarterly Veteran Services Report as submitted by Jay Statham, VSO.

• Approved the asset deletion list as submitted and disposed of as indicated on the inventory deletion form.

• Approved the asset transfer list as submitted.

• Approved changes in Assessments as submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

• Approved changes in Homestead as submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

• Approved Tax Sale Cancellations as submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

• Approved the development permit for Day Star Baptist Church to construct a new church to be located off of Hwy. 42 near the MS Power substation, in District 5.

• Approved a Finding of Fact that a parcel of land along Highway 589 was inadvertently given the wrong zoning classification on the original zoning map.  The property was intended to be zoned RE/Residential Estate. 

• Approved updating the zoning map to change PPIN 530 to RE/Residential Estate.

• Approved advertising for bids for the Ball Lane Fire Station located in the Oloh Fire Protection District.

• Approved an MDOT permit to install a culvert on Hwy. 589 for Lamar Boyte.

• Approved setting speed limit at 20 mph on Thames Lane in District 3 per the recommendation of the Road Manager.

• Denied an MDOT permit to clear trees and underbrush from right-of-way on Hwy. 42 for Day Star Baptist Church.

• Approved the lone bid from Burroughs Companies to purchase one new tandem axle dump truck in the amount of $134,450.

• Continued review of the ingress and egress of buses at the private school located at 6752 Hwy. 98.