Swearing in ceremonies set for January 6


Officials from Forrest and Lamar counties who were elected in the November general election will be officially sworn in to their positions November 6. Forrest County officials will be sworn in at Forrest County Circuit Court of Main Street in Hattiesburg, while Lamar County officials will be sworn in at Lamar County Circuit Court on Main Street in Purvis.

Below is a rundown of officials who will take part in the ceremony.


· 12th Circuit Court District Attorney: Lin Carter

· Chancery Clerk: Lance C. Reid

· Circuit Clerk: Gwen Wilks

· Douglas “Butch” Benedict Jr.

· County Prosecutor: David Frank Myers

· Sheriff: Charlie Sims

· Tax Assessor: Mary Ann Palmer

· Tax Collector: Billy Hudson

· Supervisors: David Hogan (District 1), Sharon Thompson (District 2), Burkett Ross (District 3), Rod Woullard (District 4), Chris Bowen (District 5)

· Justice Court Judge Post 1: Wes Curry

· Justice Court Judge Post 2: Zachary M. Vaughn

· Justice Court Judge Post 3: Gay Polk-Payton

· Justice Court Judge Post 4: Robert Davis

· Constable Post 1: Mike Harris

· Constable Post 2: John Tryner

· Constable Post 3: Jennifer Brown-Travis

· Constable Post 4: Tommy Joe Cook


· 15th Circuit Court District Attorney: Hal Kittrell

· Sheriff: Danny Rigel

· Chancery Clerk: Jamie Aultman

· Circuit Clerk: Martin D. Hankins

· Tax Assessor/Collector: Jack Smith

· County Attorney: Joseph “Jop” Parker

· Coroner: Blake J. Matherne

· Surveyor: Marc A. Broome

· Supervisors: Steve Lampton (District 1), Warren Byrd (District 2), Terry Bass (District 3), Mitch Brent (District 4), Dale Lucus (District 5)

· Justice Court Judge District 1: Bill Anderson

· Justice Court Judge District 2: Denton Plumlee

· Justice Court Judge District 3: Charles Greer

· Constable District 1: Joey Walker

· Constable District 2: Chance Curry

· Constable District 3: Scooter Coker