Bipartisan cowardice on state flag makes strange bedfellows


Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and State Rep. Jay Hughes are both fine candidates to be Mississippi’s next lieutenant governor.

Despite the growing testiness of their race, they actually have some things in common, such as bringing greater transparency to the Legislature and putting a heavier emphasis on vocational training in the high schools.

Unfortunately, another stance they share in common is chickening out on replacing the racially-divisive state flag.

Both say, if elected, they would only consider dropping the flag and its Confederate emblem if the question were put to the people in a referendum.

More than likely, that means no change.

If Mississippi is going to adopt a new, unifying flag, it will take courage in the Legislature to vote the change through, and not pawn it off to a popular vote.

A test of leadership is to do what you know is best for the public good, especially when the majority of the public is not yet able to recognize it.

It’s disappointing that neither Hosemann nor Hughes is willing to show leadership on this point.

Maybe they’re not such fine candidates after all.