Letter to the Editor: A Southern Miss tradition killed?


Dear Editor:

This is the second year in a row with no Homecoming displays on the Southern Miss campus.


A 40-year tradition was killed last year without a thought – not even a consultation with the Southern Miss Alumni Association, which is supposed to be the official “keeper” of traditions.

A 2017 article in The Student Printz written by Southern Miss student Lanie Leach even shared the meaningfulness of the this beloved tradition from a student’s perspective.

I even had a staff member comment to me recently that they couldn’t even tell that it WAS Homecoming last week because there was no visual evidence.

No displays. No student/staff-related activities that have always been held in conjunction with float displays.

It was something that particular staffer really misses.

Me too. A lot.

I miss seeing all the photos of students with the displays, not to mention the alumni and visitors, all marveling and so happy to be back on  campus with these colorful, creative backdrops.

And the photos everywhere on social media - which is a good thing, too. They are iconic to the Homecoming week activities.

Well, they used to be.

So maybe it’s time we made our voices heard again. I will. I hope you will too.


Margie P. Jepson, MBA

USM Alum, ‘79, ‘83