Opinion: Fortifying schools is not the answer


When there’s a school shooting, like the horrific ones we’ve seen recently in Texas and Florida, there is a tendency, if not to overreact, to react in the wrong way.

Schools install metal detectors and hire their own police force. Legislators pass laws to make it easier for teachers and other adults who work at the schools to be armed.

And when those measures don’t prove fool-proof, they keep adding to them. Following the Santa Fe, Texas, massacre, there was a suggestion that schools need to have fewer points of entrance and exit.

Pretty soon, campuses start looking like prisons.

What needs to be remembered is that schools, despite these traumatic and highly publicized episodes of violence, are still safer for many children than even their own homes.

The country does need to reduce the easy availability of guns, not just to deter school shootings but to curb the much more plentiful carnage that occurs nowhere near schools.

The nation, in its panic, shouldn’t turn, however, its schools into fortresses.