LETTER: Assertations by columnist were plain wrong


Dear Editor:

Several items in Col. Felsher’s column last week warrant serious commentary.

Here is one: he asserted that “The damage inflicted upon our nation by presidential impeachment will be long-time healing. It will take time to recover and regain confidence in America’s ways and means of sustaining and promoting our democracy around the world.”

Contrary to Felsher’s position that the House impeachment investigation has damaged the nation, I believe that the president’s own actions have damaged the nation much more than the impeachment investigation could.

For example, multiple actions by the president in foreign policy have favored Russia.

Examples include (1) siding with Putin when Putin said Russia did not interfere with the 2016 election on the side of Trump—in the face of every U.S. Intelligence agency concluding that in fact Russia did interfere; (2) trashing NATO and the European Union in the face of Russia wanting nothing less than to weaken the Atlantic Alliance—institutions and agreements that have kept the peace in Europe for 70 years; and (3) abruptly withdrawing our troops from northern Syria, which opened the way for Russia to be the main power broker in the Middle East and for Turkish forces to attack our Kurdish allies, who have worked closely with us to successfully rid the area of ISIS forces.

So, contrary to Col. Felsher’s assertion, the evidence supports the position that President Trump’s own actions have damaged “America’s ways and means of sustaining and promoting our democracy around the world.”

Russia is our global adversary, even enemy. President Trump’s actions have aided Russia’s agenda to weaken American leadership around the world by questioning the competence of our intelligence agencies, weakening the Atlantic Alliance, and ceding our Middle East influence to Russia.

President Trump has failed to stand up to Putin.

He has shown a significant lack of courage in dealing with the Russian strong-man leader, taking his side to the detriment of American interests.

Dick Conville

Hattiesburg, MS