Her name is Beth. She has an affinity for most everything


I’m Beth. I love milk – skim. I grew up drinking powdered milk, so skim is a luxury. 

And decorating. If I had the opportunity to go in a different direction, then it would have been/would be interior decorating.

I hate hot weather, but love the beach. My family – we’re not mountain people.

I love a good bargain. There’s no greater high and I do have a few favorites under my belt. Ask me about them sometime.

I worry about plants ¬– do they know they are freezing, getting too much or too little water, etc..

I don’t feel my age. I feel much younger. 

I quit drinking soft drinks in February of last year. I will have an occasional lemon-lime-type drink, when I really need to feel that burn. I had the need for the burn on Monday.

I push mow my yard. Takes two hours on a good day and longer on a not-so-good day.

I tend to pretty much everything around the house. I get on the roof, trim trees back, clean gutters, etc. Even when I was married I tended to most things.

I love the Hallmark Channel. Many may consider it sappy, and yes, you always know how it’s going to end (much like a Danielle Steele book), but… I do have my favorites.

I’m very independent and would rather do something myself than ask somebody for help. I learned to move my dining room table without scratching the hardwood floors by getting under it on all fours, hunching my back up, like a mad cat, and crawling with it resting on my back until I got it where I needed it.

I’m a happy, cheerful person and I enjoy doing things for others.

I love to read. I love hardback books, but have quickly run out of space for them, so I’ve turned to electronic books, where I’ve downloaded more than 700. 

I love dogs and tolerate cats. I’ve had several, but the heartache from losing them has just been too great for me to get another.

I’m extremely sentimental. I have a lot of family treasures and I wonder what will happen to them after I’m gone. Who will pass their story along? Today’s millennials don’t want or in my opinion, appreciate such stuff.

I work a lot. 

I have an excess of plastic containers without lids and socks that are no longer pairs. I’ve gotten to the age where I don’t care if they match or not. I’ve also gotten to the age where I don’t worry if I have to run someplace quickly and am not “all put together.”

I have a potting bench I received two years ago for my birthday. It’s halfway put together. I vow this year to get it together.

I bought myself a small turntable for Christmas. Guess I will now work on a vinyl collection. I’ve got to find where I’ve tucked my old favorites.

I love seashells and have a deck box full. I think the seashell is my birthstone.

I’ve only been to one movie since I moved to the Hub City (16 years ago). I have a hard time sitting still, even at home. I’m usually up doing things and watching at the same time.

I iron pretty much everything I wear, including T-shirts. I don’t like the wrinkled look.

I like to share good deals with friends and family when out shopping. If I see something I think they would like, I take a photo of it and send them a picture. Many times I end up picking it up and they pay me later.

When going somewhere, I always over pack. My suitcase weighed more than 50 pounds on my last trip to New York.

I’m not of technical mind. Thank goodness for those who look after my technological needs.

Other than my hometown of Amory, I’ve only lived in Tupelo for any length of time, except for my school years at Cleveland (Delta State) and Columbus (Mississippi University for Women).

Before I moved to Hattiesburg, I had never visited. All I knew about Hattiesburg was this is where my dad, a National Guardsman, came every summer for two weeks for training.

I don’t do math.

I call my dad every Sunday afternoon at approximately 5 p.m.

I love digging in the dirt and consider it my therapy.

I was married for seven years to a sportswriter. We got married on Christmas Eve. It was the year I ruined Christmas for everybody. I thought I was doing them a favor – the church was already decorated to the hilt and family/friends were already in town for the holidays.

My family’s worst Christmas ever. Ask my mother.

I was an Art History major up until my junior year in college. I had 36 art hours under my belt before I changed my major and went into journalism, which I’ve been in since I was in the third grade.

I love pottery, beautiful glass.

I have an affinity for china, crystal and silver. At one time, if it didn’t matter if it all matched, I could seat about 100 people at one time. 

I love old quilts and homemade Christmas ornaments.

I hold a grudge against my father in regard to corndogs —a column for another day.

I collect McCarty pottery – nutmeg and teal, with a few pieces of blue thrown in. It’s a good thing I didn’t know about it when I was at school in Cleveland. My oldest and first piece is a beautiful duck I received in 1988.

I’m a night owl, and most definitely not a morning person, but do get up when the alarm clock goes off… after a few snooze buttons.

I’m a lifelong Methodist but have a wonderful collection of menorahs. I think they are fabulous. I bought a new one this year after Christmas.

I have a four-poster tester bed made by an Amish family.

And the list goes on….


Beth Bunch is managing editor of PineBeltNEWS and its sister publication, Signature Magazine, among others. She has an affinity for most everything.