Column: 'I'm not a hoarder, just a sentimental fool'


If it’s Thursday and you’re reading this, then please send good vibes my way as my mom and I prepare for a mammoth garage sale this weekend. And also good thoughts that it doesn’t rain or isn’t blazing hot the next two days.

See my ad in the classified/legal section if you want to come check things out.

Better yet, subscribe to the paper for just $30 and get a year’s worth of great local news and advertisements every week, delivered straight to your mailbox.

If it’s at any point Friday that you’re reading this, remind me again why we do this to ourselves and continue those positive thoughts about no precipitation. We need no rain dances!

If it’s Saturday, then hope that we survive until approximately 2 p.m. when we either have sold everything (big wishful thinking) and are preparing to rest or worse-case scenario, we have to box up what we have left, which will then be taken to the Edwards Street Thrift Store on Lincoln Road.

If it’s after Saturday, then you missed the best yard sale in years! Bad move on your part to get some great deals.

Since I moved to this house three or so years ago, I’ve had one sale, a couple of years ago.

The weather was really hot, and I wasn’t sure my mom would ever come back to help out again. But I did quite well and am hoping for the same this time. And she did come back, last night, to help me get organized.

Those of you out there who know me, quit laughing. She’s my merchandiser and pricer. She’s good at that.

Today we’re spending time getting everything moved outside and separated into categories.

We’re picking up the tables I rented, getting stuff out of the attic, dollar bills and coins for change and other last-minute things. I may still be yanking stuff out of cabinets and shelves.

For the past many months, my fourth bedroom (yes, I’m a single person who bought a four-bedroom house – love it) has been a collection point for yard sale treasures.

In the beginning it wasn’t so bad. It’s become a mountain out of a mole hill quickly, an Everest of my very own!

And that’s not all of it. There are three closets, one double, two single, with hanging clothes and the corner of the garage where I’ve put other quality stuff. My mom even brought some stuff with her that I had stored in her storage building in northeast Mississippi 250 miles away. I’m trying to get all of my stuff out, so she can’t blame me for having to keep it.

My color scheme changed somewhat when I moved into this house, so I’ve still got some carryover that I’m finally parting ways with.

I’m not a hoarder, just a sentimental fool. But I’m trying to get better. No, really!

My sister is also having a yard sale back home. She has them more regularly than I do. Anything we make will be our vacation spending money in the foreseeable future.

I’m hoping that this will be the last sale for several years. I apologize to my neighbors in advance for any additional traffic and congestion in the neighborhood. I’ll try and keep them out of your driveway also!

Here’s to Friday and Saturday. May we survive to see Sunday – brunch and The Lucky Rabbit! We’re only looking!


Beth Bunch likes pretty things. When she’s not in her job as managing editor at The Hattiesburg Post, The Lamar Times, The Petal News and Signature Magazine, she’s enjoying what might have been her second job, interior design.