Letter to the Editor: Small biz owner speaks out about tax incentives


Dear Editor:

Speaking as a very small business  rooted in our community for the past 35 years I can say that seldom does the 'little boy' get bigger, we just take what comes our way and try to get smarter.  But that does not mean that our contributions to the local economy are insignificant.

During out 35 year subsidy-free existence my small local business has generated over one million is sales tax with over $190,000 of that being returned by the state to our city for support of schools and public services.

Our very small business has employed over 50 workers during that period with most of them being students working their way to a college degree. Several of my employees have moved on to manage their own businesses thanks to the experience they got in this local business.

This small bicycle shop has paid over $230,000 in inventory and property taxes that went directly to the support of city/county services and local schools.

Our small business has created over $3,500,000 in wages since our un-subsidized start up in 1984.

And this small un-subsidized family business has outlasted bankrupt subsidized giants such as Stion by 3 decades and owes nothing to the city, county, or the bank. We do owe all we’ve achieved to our customers who daily see the benefits of shopping local.


James Moore

Hattiesburg, Miss.