Petal officials to conduct road sealing on South Main


About a year ago, Petal officials conducted a road study in which engineers recommended roadway sealing as an option for certain city streets, rather than the more costly method of repaving.

That recommendation is about to get underway, as the Petal Board of Aldermen recently voted to accept a $36,250 quote from RJM McQueen Contracting of Collins to seal the entire length of South Main Street, from Central Avenue to the East Hardy Street bridge.

“(Resealing is good for) roads that have not quite deteriorated to the point where they need to be totally repaved,” Mayor Hal Marx said. “It keeps the cracks from getting larger, and the water from getting inside the road, and helps with the potholes.

“This is a preventative measure to reseal South Main Street, and maybe add five or six years to the life of the road, so we don’t have to pave it within the next couple of years.”

As of yet, there is no definite timeline for beginning the work, and officials are unsure whether the road – or portions of it – will need to be closed to traffic.

“I don’t know what the timetable is,” Ward 4 Alderman Brad Amacker said. “We need to get with the contractors and set a timetable.”

Marx said because of the size of South Main – which is essentially a three-lane street, counting the turn lane – the cost to pave that street is much more than it would be to pave a smaller road.

“With our street budget being cut this year and last year from the county, having to cut back on the millage that goes toward our road and bridge construction and maintenance, we’ve got a smaller budget to work with for that,” he said. “So we think that resealing South Main will be a good move for us right now.

“It’ll keep it from deteriorating any worse, and we’ll be able to re-stripe it and make it look like a new road. It’ll be more appealing for people that way, and it’ll be safer as far as people driving on it.”

The South Main work will probably be Petal’s biggest road project for the year, in addition to some minor repaving in the Trailwood West subdivision.

“(Resealing on Main Street) will keep the small cracks from becoming big cracks, and (help) prevent roadway deterioration and surface deterioration,” Amacker said. “It costs a lot less than resurfacing, and hopefully we can make the road last longer.”