Petal Jaycees lead participation in Random Act of Kindness week


The Petal Jaycees have dedicated this week to spreading smiles throughout the community as a part in National Random Act of Kindness Week. Group members are taking this opportunity by storm as a simple and tangible way to make a difference.

For Miranda Williams, who is pioneering the group’s establishment in Petal, the week is an opportunity to simply remind us that small acts of kindness can sometimes make a big difference.

“We get so tied up in our daily lives and the routine hustle and bustle that we just forget to tell people thank you, or we forget that sometimes just a smile and a handshake can make somebody’s day,” she said. “There is so much that you can do that will change the entire outcome of someone’s day.”

Williams said that Random Act of Kindness Week is something that everyone can participate in, no matter the circumstance.  An act of kindness can be as simple or elaborate as one chooses to make it.

While some may choose to buy coffee or a meal for others as a way to spread their kindness, there are plenty of ways to do so that do not cost a single dime.

For example, Williams explained that the group intends to visit the local nursing home, and deliver ‘Thank You’ cards to those who may have particularly thankless jobs in the community.

“It’s something anyone can do,” she said.  “The whole point is to do something that really should come second nature to us.”

The Jaycees (Junior Chamber International) are a national and international civic leadership organization for people between the ages of 18-41 that provides the skills and development opportunities for them to create positive change in the community.

Williams has been a member of the Jaycees since 2011, and has been working toward officially establishing the Petal chapter since December. She explained that the training and development she received as a member of the group has helped to drastically benefit her in her career.

“We are trying to get young people active in the community,” she said. “There aren’t many opportunities for them to get involved in the community unless they join a church, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, but not everyone wants to be involved with a church all the time. The Jaycees give someone another avenue.”

The group needs to register 10 members to officially establish the charter and 20 members to cover the charter fees. Registering 20 members would allow for all money the group raises to go back into the community, Williams explained.

That being said, Williams believes that Random Act of Kindness Week will be a great way to encourage participation while making a difference in the community.

Flyers with tear-off tabs that encourage acts of kindness are located around town, and participants are encouraged to post their random acts of kindness with the hashtag “#RAKPetal.”

For more information about the Petal Jaycees or about Random Act of Kindness Week, contact 601-909-8022 or for more information.