Petal Chamber updating area map for city



The Petal Area Chamber of Commerce is currently in the process of developing a new and updated map for the city. Petal Chamber Director Valerie Wilson said the Chamber is set to distribute 1,500 copies of the new map in August.

Ohio-based publishing company and Petal Chamber member Lunar Cow is developing the map.

Additionally, this map will include digital availability with the development of a digital Go Guide and iMap, which is a feature that previous city maps have yet to have.

Despite the commonality of mobile GPS usage, Wilson explained there is certainly a need for this development.

“We’ve been discussing this for about three years because we ran out of our old map,” Wilson said. “Everyone seemed to feel like, ‘Oh no everyone uses GPS on their phones,’ but through the past years I’ve found that people are wanting a map to see the overall entire area of the city. People want to visualize where everything is rather than just get from point A to point B.”

Wilson said she especially recognized the need following the tornado in January 2017.

“Particularly after the tornado, we had hundreds of volunteers needing maps to go through to really facilitate what was going on on each street,” she said.

The map would also be an essential tool for those who might be considering relocating to Petal, Wilson explained.

“Lately I have had a lot of people coming through our office asking for maps,” Wilson said. “There are people who might be considering moving to our area and they want to look at our city and see, ‘OK, which area do I need to live in? Do I need to be closer to downtown? Do I need to be closer to the elementary school, or near the high school?’ They want to figure out by looking at a map.”

In addition, the updated map will include areas that were not on the previous map such as Byrd Parkway, Petal River Park and additional streets.

Wilson said the Chamber is encouraging local businesses and merchants to take advantage of the advertising opportunities with this new development.

“Before, it used to just be advertising on a regular folded map, but now we’ve got the additional advertising as well,” she said. “Not to mention the fact that we are not going to print a new map of the city for several years, so your advertising will be good for years.”