Petal board grants exception to allow new gas building


The 60-year-old Lampton-Love building on U.S. 11 in Petal has gone through some tough times through the years, what with hurricanes, tornadoes and regular wear and tear.

Fortunately for the staff of the propane business, the Petal Board of Aldermen recently granted a special exception to the property that will allow the construction of a modular unit that will be used as the company’s new retail propane office. The exception, which was granted at last week’s board meeting, was necessitated by a regulation prohibiting modular buildings with metal frames within the city limits.

“This building is going to be open to the public, and you’re going to have customers in there,” Ward 4 Alderman Brad Amacker told Lampton-Love sales representative Chris Easterling. “So I would imagine you would want people to have a positive impression when they come to your business.”

The new building will feature offices for the secretary and administration, with plans to install a showroom floor with items for sale such as gas logs and heaters.

“Another thing is, it’ll be off the ground, because we do have water problems when it floods back there,” Easterling said. “That’s one of the problems, is that we’ve been getting water in the building, so this will be up off the ground to stop that.”

Easterling said the modular building would cost approximately $38,000.

“That’s what we have there at our other building in Crystal Springs – that’s what they went to,” he said. “We can pick whatever color we want, and the building will be built from scratch.

“Our main company is in Collins and Magee, but our service guy covers this area – we have a full-time secretary and a full-time propane driver that stay at this office. So we’re trying to build it up; we’ve been here a long time.”

Lampton-Love was founded in 1956 and instituted its Petal office in 1980. The company provides propane services for grills, water heaters, generators and other outdoor accessories.