Petal basketball court reopens after recent vandalism


The basketball court across from the Petal Family Branch YMCA on Hillcrest Loop has reopened after a goal at the court was vandalized last week.

“I knocked the remaining shattered glass out of the one end (of the goal) and I’m working with the ProDunk Hoops company on a replacement,” said Brian Hall, director of the Petal Parks and Recreation Department.

Last Thursday, Hall posted on Facebook that he closed the park down after he discovered a large hole shattered through a basketball goal on the left side of the hoop. He offered a $100 reward to anyone with information that led to the arrest of a suspect involved with the vandalism.

"I poured a lot of time and effort into this project and this really irritates me," Hall said in the post. "Before anyone starts pointing fingers of guilt I will tell you that it appears the object that caused the breakage did not even come from the basketball court or within the fences at all.

"The hole is just where the glass fell out; the small puncture to the left of the hole is what caused it to shatter. Takes a lot of velocity for that small of an object to shatter 3/4" glass; you can draw your own conclusions from there."

Hall said he understands that noise does sometime come from the parks, but asked people living near the facilities to be patient in that regard.

"I ask that if you purchased a home near the Park that you embrace the noise of young people being active. I would much rather listen to any outdoor activity than listen to the clicking of a video game controller."

Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to send a private message to the department's Facebook page or email