Cool Idea: Joy Moore plans to play the piano for 12 hours straight to pay for church air conditioner repair


Anyone familiar with south Mississippi doesn’t need to be told how hot and humid the summer months in the area can be.

So when the air conditioning went on the fritz at Petal United Methodist Church about six weeks ago, Joy Moore – who serves as the church’s pianist – took it upon herself to organize a marathon in which she will play piano for 12 hours to raise funds for A/C repair.

“My motivation, of course, is to help in any way I can with money for the air conditioning, which is going to run about $25,000,” Moore said. “Also, several people have approached me wanting me to make a CD.

“So I thought ‘Well, I don’t really have time to go into a recording studio and all that,’ so if they want to come listen, maybe that will help generate some funds toward the air conditioning, and draw attention to the church.”

Moore will conduct her seemingly Herculean feat from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. June 8 at the church, 418 South Main St. in Petal, with all funds raised going toward the A/C repair. Donations are welcome, although individuals can attend and listen for no charge.

“I’ll be playing all kinds of music – anywhere from gospel, to classical, to Broadway, to secular,” Moore said. “So it’ll be a little bit of everything for everyone.

And with 46 years of piano playing experience, there’s no doubt Moore will be good to go come showtime.

“I don’t have a degree in music, but I’ve played in everything from contests for companies to many, many choirs,” she said. “I love to play – I’ve played in church since I was 12.

“I will take a small break, and I do have a CD of me and one of my piano students doing duets. So I thought while I was taking the break, they could play that CD with the songs on them. I haven’t (done anything in particular to prepare for the event), but I can sit and play for hours – it’s a very good stress reliever.”

In addition, church staff will hold a rummage sale the same day as the piano marathon to raise funds for the air conditioning repair.

For more information, or to find out how to contribute, call Petal United Methodist Church at (601) 582-0440.