Aldermen discuss city app, set date for TIF hearing


The Petal Board of Aldermen voted to table a discussion regarding a proposal from See Click Fix for app development at a regular meeting of the board on Tuesday.

Alderman Clint Moore said he thought $8,000 was too much to spend on a trial run for a product. He said he would, however, like to test options before shelling out that amount.

Mayor Hal Marx said he thought a city app would help get all information out in one place.

“There are so many mediums to release information, this would allow for quick communication on one medium and blast out information,” Marx said.

The board also voted to approved the public hearing date of Aug. 1 at 6 p.m. to amend the TIF. Marx said the meeting would be to change the amount of the TIF.

The TIF Plan is a request on the part of developers of the York/Petal Project, for Petal to participate in issuance by the city Tax Increment Limited Obligation Bonds, which are not to exceed $3,000,000, currently.

“The projected property taxes from the project will be used to pay for the infrastructure, but the city will receive immediate benefit from the increased sales taxes that will be generated from more residents living in the city and spending their money locally,” he said.

Once the TIF is paid off, the city will also receive the ad valorem taxes from the assessed value of the project.

This is to provide funds necessary to facilitate various improvements in connection with a single-phase multi-family residential project with a proposed location within the city. Public bonds will be secured by a pledge of a portion of the ad valorem tax revenue generated by the project. 

The bonds may also be used to pay issuance costs, engineering fees, attorney’s fees, TIF Plan preparation fees, capitalized interest and other related soft costs.

Members of the Excel by 5 coalition gathered at a regular meeting of the Petal Board of Aldermen to thank them for the city’s support over the years.

Executive director Eileen Beasley stood before the board to commend them for backing Petal’s program since its certification approximately 10 years ago.

Petal Excel by 5 is now working on the next three-year plan and is working to provide more opportunities for the Backyard Bus to be present at community events. 

“I just wanted to say thank you from the state,” Beasley said. “You are a model for the state. I was so happy to round the corner and see that sign that you are a community partner.”

“Our community is only as strong as our schools, and our school is really strong,” said Marx.

Request to address the board regarding Excel by 5.

During the mayor’s report, Marx presented the sales tax revenue for the previous month was approximately $227,000, which surpassed the previous year’s sales tax revenue of roughly $212,000.

He reported that MEMA reimbursed the city $600,000, which he said is almost all of the reimbursement that the city will receive.

Marx also thanked city workers for responding to and taking care of two water breaks last week, in which a water line broke twice. He said that many other departments receive their well-deserved recognition.

This is why he wanted to extend thanks to the Public Works Department, which he said usually works in the background, but deserves credit for their efforts.


In other action, the board:

•          Approved the minutes of the public hearing and the regular meeting of July 5;

•          Accepted the Privilege License report for June 2017;

• Approved a request to accept Host Agency Agreement with SMPDD for Senior Employment;

• Approved a request to destroy one Remington 870 and one Glock 31 357 from Police Department inventory;

• Accepted the proofs of publication;

• Approved a request to dispose of 21 sections of hose in the Fire Department;

• Approved a request to adjust water services billed to 112 Cameron St, Lot 117 in the amount of $280 due to a leak;

• Approved a request for Ken Bullock to attend LPA Project Development in Biloxi on Oct. 18 at no cost;

• Approved a request for Josh Crawford to attend SWAT school at Columbia Law Enforcement Academy on July 17-21 at a total cost of $200;

• Approved a request to adopt an order hiring Tyvon White full time in the Water Department at a rate of $10 per hour pending a drug screen and physical results;

Approved a request to adopt an order hiring Danielle Lewis as full time, First Class Officer at a rate of $16.1791 per hour effective July 19.