Sumrall to start work on water project


Sumrall’s much-anticipated water line improvement project along Mississippi 589, which is about two years in the making, will not only transpire as planned – it’ll happen much cheaper than officials were expecting.

“We had secured a loan from the (Mississippi Development Authority) for $700,000, and the engineering estimate was around $800,000 to do it,” Mayor Heath Sumrall said. “So we had actually budgeted an extra $100,000 in our water department this year to make sure we were able to complete that project.

“But then the bid came in for at $514,000, so it was way less than what we expected. That’s going to save us from having to borrow too much money, and that’s a big advantage for the city’s financial future, I think.”

The work, which was recently approved by the Sumrall Board of Aldermen, will be conducted by contracting firm C.B. Developers. A 12-inch water main will be installed from the water tank on Mississippi 589 to Oloh Road,  and several fire hydrants will be added in the area.

“Its purpose is to increase water pressure and volume to the residents that use our water,” Sumrall said. “We also want to provide fire protection to that area out there, since we don’t have any fire (lines) out there now.

“And it’ll benefit the (Magnolia) Crossing subdivision – we’re going to run a fire protection line out there too.”

Aldermen rejected a separate $210,000 bid for a drainage improvement project in the West Spanish Oaks neighborhood, but Sumrall said he plans to work with the board to find a way to accomplish that work through the city rather than a contractor.

“That (amount) was quite an increase from the last time it was bid out,” Sumrall said. “So we’re going to try to figure out how to streamline that a little bit – maybe do some of the work ourselves.

“There was a water main that needed to be lowered over there, and I think my water department can do that instead of us bidding it out to a contractor. We’re just looking to try to cut costs on that.”