St. Fabian church on schedule for Christmas


Construction of the new St. Fabian Catholic Church building is running on schedule with the recent addition of the main building’s framework, Father Tommy Conway said earlier this week. The church is scheduled to have services in the church by Christmas.

“In the next week, we will also have the framing up for a storage building and a building to have meetings and stuff as well,” he said. “There’s plenty of action going on.”

The concrete flooring was poured in January as St. Fabian Catholic Church plans to move into its sanctuary before the church’s fifth anniversary.

Several factors slowed down construction after ground was broken more than a year ago for the 15,000-square-foot building, Conway said. Prices came in higher than expected, and the building site was difficult to work in while rain held up construction on the Mississippi Hwy. 589 site, which includes 55 acres.

The St Fabian congregation of 700-800 people has been holding services at Benedict Day School south of the church construction site.

Conway added that the recent showers did not slow up construction.

“Everything is right on target for Christmas,” he said.

Conway will lead a group of 48 travelers who will go to Ireland for the month of June.