Purvis aldermen vote to set town speed limit


The Purvis Board of Aldermen decided that a speed limit needed to be established in town, so the city will now have an ordinance that sets the top speed in Purvis at 35 mph.

Exclusions to the 35 mph speed limit include roads that have limits set by a specific ordinance or are regulated by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Purvis Mayor Roger H. Herrin said residents should be aware of the new speed limit.

“We have it posted on their water bills and everywhere,” he said. “We just want to make sure that everybody knows.”

Herrin said the different speed limits in the town caused problems for drivers and law enforcement officials.

“We had speed limits that were 25, 30 and 35,” he said. “We just thought it would be better to have all of them the same. We feel like there will be less confusion both for the drivers and for the officers who enforce the law.”

One exception to the new ordinance, which was approved June 6 and went into effect 30 days later, are areas around the schools, Herrin said.

“Of course, school zones are different,” he said. “We keep them with lower speed limits to protect the children and the teachers.”

Anyone who violates the new speed limit will be fined not less than $50 or more than $500 for each offense, according to the ordinance