New system aids county tax assessor/collector


Lamar County Tax Assessor/Collector Jack Smith hopes his office loves the new online system for handling delinquent tax sales as much as other counties do. Smith let the other counties use it before deciding to install it for this year’s sales.

The list of delinquent taxes on Lamar County properties are included in Thursday's Lamar Times.

The properties will be sold at auction on Aug. 27.

Only this time, the transactions will be made online, Smith said.

“We’re using an online auction site called GovEase,” he said about the site, which also handles 37 other Mississippi government entities. “Forrest County voted on Monday to use the program.”

Smith said using the online auction site will be a timesaver as far as workload.

“This will take a load off our office,” he said. “We would have three people typing in the information and I would be calling out parcels for two days. The only thing is everyone needs to come by my office to register.”

Smith’s office is located at 109 Main

With GovEase, bidders can watch each auction or upload a list that auto bids with preset amounts on liens of interest.

In addition to conducting auctions on delinquent properties, Smith also coordinates annual property appraisals and collects property taxes on automobiles, trucks, mobile homes, trailers, campers, airplanes and business property.

The county budget is approved in August and the tax rate is set in September by the Board of Supervisors.

For more information, call (601) 794-1020 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.