Lamar garbage ordinance sees some approvals


Members of the Lamar County Board of Supervisors have made decisions for some areas regarding the new garbage ordinance that would discontinue county garbage pickup at duplexes that are adjacent to other multi-family residences.

Other areas, however, are still up in the air after Tuesday’s board meeting.

Of the 19 total requests previously received for reconsideration or variances on the ordinance, supervisors on Tuesday approved eight, while denying six. Five requests will remain under advisement.


The following properties were approved for variances:

·      Knoll Cut-Off

·      5834 West 4th Street

·      32 Emerald Row

·      30 Emerald Row

·      38 Emerald Row

·      44 Griffith Road

·      2 Raintree Drive

·      783 Highway 589


The following properties were denied variances:

·      Matheny Road

·      Intersection of Broome Road and Military Road

·      1120 Howell Road

·      1118 Howell Road

·      1115 Howell Road

·      1114 Howell Road

Variances will be taken under advisement for the following properties:

·      Hunter Lane

·      168 North Windridge Lane

·      154 North Windridge Lane

·      3 Center Windridge East

·      1 Center Windridge East


Owners of those properties denied variances are allowed 120 days from Sept. 4 to begin paying for their own garbage, including renting individual Dumpsters for the properties.

The county currently handles garbage pickup at multi-family housing units, but supervisors recently voted to accept a new ordinance after approving new automated garbage trucks. The ordinance was accepted July 2 by a 3-2 vote, with Board President Joe Bounds and District 5 Supervisor Dale Lucus dissenting.

District 4 Supervisor Phillip Carlisle said he was in favor of denying ordinance variations for the Howell Road properties because there is “plenty of opportunity for a Dumpster in there.”

“And being in my district, there’s a big need for it,” he said.

The Windridge properties were left under advisement because supervisors are still in discussions with several property owners in that area.

Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits said despite the pushback from some property owners, the goal of the ordinance is to clean up some multi-family housing units that had become problematic around the county. He said the county’s current method of pickup does help to clean up the county, but it can become a problem for rear-loading garbage trucks – or even an automated system – to pick up hundreds of garbage cans in one location.

“We’ve got large apartment complexes and duplex developments that have a large amount of trash cans around them, and the trash is spilled everywhere and all over the streets,” Waits said in an earlier story. “It just became a nuisance, so the board passed the ordinance.

“With all those cans sitting there, it’s more apt for trash to get everywhere. So most communities, most counties, most cities, require most commercial and multi-family housing to provide their own sanitation by way of Dumpsters – it’s a cleaner, better way to do it.”