Board of supes welcomes new USM athletic director


Newly-named University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Director Jon Gilbert introduced himself to the Lamar County Board of Supervisors last Thursday, telling them “the partnership between Southern Miss and the community is important.”

Gilbert replaced Bill McGillis, who resigned in December 2016 after accepting the athletic director position at the University of San Diego. The Supervisors met at the William J. “Pete” Gamble Chancery Courthouse.

Gilbert, 48, said the partnership was evident during the recent NCAA Regional baseball tournament hosted by the Golden Eagle.

“(USM Coach) Scott Berry and the team did a wonderful job,” he said. “We were fortunate enough to host a regional where we brought teams from all over into the community. It truly was a community event. We could not have done that alone in athletics. So I understand the value of partnerships in this community.”

Gilbert, who has been on the job four months, came from Tennessee as executive senior associate athletic director. He said he realized the role played by athletics.

“Athletics is not the most important thing at the University of Southern Mississippi,” he said, “but often we are the most visible. So with that visibility, I want to make sure you understand how grateful I am of the partnership that we do have. We thank you for the service that you provide to us and we want to make sure that we are good partners for you.”

Other speakers who addressed the Board of Supervisors were Lifeguard EMS Chief Dewayne Tullos with the monthly report, DiDi Ellis with Kids Hub and John Cooper, who talked with board about Paymode-X, a bill-paying service that is done online.

In other action, the board:

•           Approved hiring Deunthony Green, Robert Mercer and Thomas Howell, all Temporary/Full-Time Hoppers effective July 31 at $10.50 per hour; Chakara Young, Dispatch, effective July 31 at $11 per hour and Billy Hibley, South Bridge Heavy Equipment, effective July 31 at $13 per hour.

•           Approved the resignations of Jesse Hales, Oloh VFD, effective July 10; Kendall Junker, Planning Intern, effective July 20; James Anderson, Parks & Rec, effective July 7; Ricky Williams and Dalton Swan, Sanitation Temporary Hopper, both effective July 20, and Jenna Rigaud, Dispatch, effective July 30.

•           Approved the rate changes of Matthew Carter, Parks & Rec, effective July 17 from $11.35 per hour to $12.35 per hour; Mary Ruth Bass, Justice Court Clerk, effective July 17 from $13 per hour to $13.75 per hour; Jason Sheldon, Oak Grove Fire, effective July 3 from $17 per hour to $17.25 per hour; Mike Watts, Southeast Lamar Fire, effective July 3 from $16.25 per hour to $17.25 per hour; Andrew Pylant, Beaver Lake Fire effective July 3 from $18.25 per hour to $19.50 per hour and Jarred Atkins, Southwest Fire, effective July 3 from $17.75 per hour to $18 per hour.

•           Approved the July 5 Board Minutes

•           Received and Entered Court Order on Amy Little County Court increasing her salary effective Oct. 1 to $64,000 per year.

•           Quit Without Notice: Bobby Smith, South Bridge effective July 6.

•           Exhaustion of FMLA & All Leave: Malissa Cameron, Justice Court effective July 12.

Family Medical Leave for Jessica Chandler Friley, Buildings & Grounds, to start July 3.

•           Approved a "Consent for Right of Entry First Amendment" granted by The Alabama

Great Southern Railroad Company in order for Lamar County to enter right-of-way while finalizing our plans for bridge rehabilitation over the Norfolk Southern Railroad on Lawler Road.

•           Approved advertising county resources $1,000 for sponsorship of The ARC. 4. Approved advertise county resources in accordance with Mississippi Code §17-3-1 in the amount of $125 with the Purvis Touchdown Club. 6. Approved advertise county resources in accordance with Mississippi Code §17-3-1 in the amount of $500 with Purvis Youth Sports for sponsorship of their 2017 8U Boys All-star Team. To be paid from Fund 012 District 2 Parks & Recreation. 10. Approved advertise county resources in accordance with Mississippi Code §17-3-1 in the amount of $1,00 for sponsorship of the fourth annual Oak Grove Football Golf Classic to be paid equally from Fund 011 District 1 and 014 District 4 Parks and Recreation. 7. Approved advertise county resources in accordance with Mississippi Code §17-3-1 in the amount of $500 for Diamond Level Sponsorship OGHS Choral Boosters to be paid from Fund 014 District 4 Parks & Recreation.

•           Approved transfers of $100,000 from Additional Tax Trust to Mosquito Control to cover expenditures and $200,000 from Additional Tax Trust to Economic Development to cover expenditures.

•           Approved reimbursing Jodi Smith, County Appraiser, up to $429.95 for online continuing education.

•           Approved paying lawful expenses for Jackie Pierce to attend Advanced Excel Training on Dec. 6 in Gulfport.

•           Approved paying lawful expenses for Brian Neuman to attend the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) Educational Conference Oct. 23-27 in Hebron. Kentucky.

•           Approved and authorized the purchase of county rights-of-way from Gerald Hatten for $5,000, from Gregory Wayne Courtney and Angela Diane Courtney for $1,000, from Fred Dark II for $1,459.56 and from John Glen Corley and Elizabeth R. Corley for $500.

•           Received and entered Sheriff’s proposed budget for FY2018.

•           Approved a finding that LEA-AID Acquisition Company is the sole source provider for

LEA Silver Audio Package Equipment (Synthesized Auto Intel Receiver, Tactical

Repeater, Cig Pack Transmitter, Disguised Tissue Box Antenna).

•           Approved purchasing equipment from LEA-AID.

•           Approved paying $39.95 monthly service fee to Live View GPS, Inc. for PTl0 PRO GPS.

•           Approved the list of marked and unmarked Sheriffs Department vehicles and to send a certified copy to the State Audit Department.

•           Approved Board President to sign 2018 DUI and OP Grant award agreements.

•           Approved paying lawful expenses of Investigator Michael Wahl to attend the Property &

Evidence Room Management training in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Sept. 10-13.

•           Received and Entered Southeast Fire Protection District financial statement for FY ending Sept. 30, 2016.

•           Approved paying lawful expenses for Chief Kyle Hill to attend National Fire Incident

Reporting (NFIRS) Stakeholder Workshop at the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg

Maryland, Sept. 12-13. Kyle will be representing the National Volunteer Fire Council. Free housing in a dorm will be provided and expenses to the county offset by a stipend paid by FEMA.

•           Approved the asset deletion list, to declare as surplus and sell items at auction.

•           Approved the asset transfer list and changes in Assessments by the Tax Collector/Assessor, Homestead by the Tax Collector/Assessor and Tax Sale Cancellations by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

•           Approved the "Homestead Objections and Acceptance" as approved by the State of

Mississippi and submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

•           Approved an order authorizing the Clerk to advertise that the Board of Supervisors has completed the equalization of the 2017 Real and Personal Tax Rolls, by the Tax Assessor, and that said rolls will be open to the public for inspection. Objections must be filed in writing on or before Monday, Aug. 7 and should be made to the Chancery Clerk.

•           Received and entered Tax Assessor/Collector proposed budget for FY2018.

•           Received and Entered Proof of Publication of the 2014 Delinquent Tax List.

•           Approved a 35 mph speed limit on Steelman Road in Districts 1 and 3 per the recommendation of Road Manager.

•           Approved setting a 25 mph speed limit on Carroll Road in District 3 per recommendation of Road Manager.

•           Approved adding Lincoln Road Extension and Hegwood Road to the State Aid System.

•           Approved making a finding of a pipe that runs beneath the road through private property needs to be replaced, approved replacing the pipe under the road and on private property, approved making a finding that a stump located on private property is blocking drainage and approved remove stump from private property to clear drainage at 115 Beechwood Drive in District 1.

•           Approved refunding $336 to Craig Flanagan for filing fees.

•           Approved setting public hearings to determine if 103 Woodlands Trace; 304 Weathersby Road and 948 Tatum Camp Road are menaces to the public health and safety of the community.

•           Approved for Board President to sign a loan agreement for up to $150,000 payable over a 20-year period to fund Pine Ridge Fire Protection District Hydrant Project. Loan to be repaid from Pine Ridge Fire Protection District funding.

•           Approved establishing Lumberton Fire Grading District.

•           Approved establishing the part of Beaver Lake Fire Protection District that lies west of I-59 the Purvis Fire Grading District within the Beaver Lake Fire Protection District.

•           Approved dissolving the part of Oloh Fire Protection District that is within the Hickory

Grove Fire Grading District.

•           Approved adopting the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance as revised on June 26. This revision was required by MEMA to come into compliance with 44CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). Once adopted the new ordinance will go into full effect.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting will be at 9 a.m. Monday, Aug. 7.