Shooting spree: nine arrested, two hospitalized


An apparent confrontation between two street gangs in Hattiesburg led to the shooting spree Monday at 1810 Country Club Road that eventually brought nine arrests in the aggravated assaults and three injured people.

Of the nine people arrested, ages range from 16 to 41 years old and included a Hattiesburg High School quarterback.

Members of the Vice Lords gang, which began in Chicago, are Burns, both Humbleses, Canamore and Little. Wilson, Marshall, Austin and Tate are members of the Hooversl gang, which was founded in Los Angeles.

Seven suspects were charged with Criminal Street Gang activity, including Willie Wilson, 41; Daija Tate, 21; Rashad Marshall, 22; Meredith Austin, 22; D’Andre Humbles, 18; D’vonte Humbles, 18; Phillip Little, 18, and Armonte Canamore, 16. D’Andre Humbles was the Hattiesburg High School starting quarterback.

Seven people were charged with Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Assault: Wilson, Tate, Marshall, Austin, both Humbleses, Little and Canamore. Charged with aggravated assault were Marshall, Austin, both Humbleses, Little and Canamore.

Charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling were the Humbleses, Little and Canamore, the four youngest of the eight people charged in the Country Club Road shooting.

Deidre Burns, 26, was charged with Accessory Before the Fact of Aggravated Assault.

On Tuesday, the Hattiesburg Police Department charged Joshua Townes, 24, with possession of a stolen weapon in relation to the shooting that occurred on the 300 Block of Bowling Street. 

Reports say dozens of shots were fired Monday afternoon at the Bonhomie Apartments in Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg police said three people were injured, with at least one hospitalized in critical condition.

Police say the shootings may have involved a dispute between two gangs. All suspects are being held in the Forrest County Jail awaiting court proceedings.

These are ongoing investigations that could lead to more charges and arrests. Anyone with an additional information should contact the Hattiesburg Police Department or Metro CrimeStoppers.