PRCC thanks supervisors for help with projects


Pearl River Community College officials hope ongoing renovation and improvement efforts at the Forrest County Center in Hattiesburg will lead to an increase in enrollment while helping give students a more memorable college experience.

These projects, made possible through funding by the Forrest County Board of Supervisors, are currently underway.

PRCC President Adam Breerwood is pleased that the supervisors see the Forrest County Center as a boost for economic development in the Hattiesburg area. 

“These projects will help us grow our campus in Hattiesburg and better serve the students from the Pearl River district,” said Breerwood. “They will help us expand our offerings, expand our programs and provide better service to our students.

“When I first took office as president in 2017, one of the first groups to provide us with overwhelming support for our college was the Forrest County Board of Supervisors. They have been supportive in everything we have asked for. We are so grateful for their vision.”

The projects include the renovation of a classroom building into a student service complex with upgraded classrooms, renovation of the multi-purpose meeting room, a new campus police station, as well as an improved roadway and parking lot.

These improvements are funded through the board’s ongoing millage support for the college.

“On behalf of the Forrest County Board of Supervisors, we are proud to serve the students of Forrest County by helping them receive a high-quality education and employable skills from Pearl River Community College,” said David Hogan, president of the supervisors. “Helping Pearl River Community College is another tool in our toolbox to recruit and retain economic development and manufacturing opportunities for our region.”           

Dr. Jana Causey, Vice President for PRCC’s Forrest County Operations, is glad to have the board’s support.

“The Forrest County Board of Supervisors are truly servants to the people of Forrest County,” she said. “We are grateful to have their support and would not be able to do what we do for our students without it. Every time we have put a need before them, they have helped out and the faculty, staff, and students recognize the efforts they are putting forward.”

According to Causey, the classroom building renovation will improved the student experience by centrally locating the services they need, providing adequate space for students to receive counseling and advisement.

“This project will allow relocating all medical programs to the Allied Health building in which we hope to eventually build a simulation lab for all the programs to utilize,” she said. 

The new campus police station will be relocated to the main campus entrance.

The multi-purpose room on the campus has served as the primary meeting facility at the Forrest County Center.

“We host all major events here including our Veterans Day programs, Black History Month programs, induction ceremonies for Phi Theta Kappa, National Technical Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Sigma Kappa Delta,” said Causey.

The room has also been the site of such events as state legislative meetings, pinning ceremonies, orientation sessions the student awards days.

Originally built in 1969 when the campus began, the multi-purpose room once hosted workforce classes.

As the Forrest County Center has grown over the years, improved roadways and increased parking have become necessary. “Parking and the need to improve the flow of traffic and increase safety measures became important,” she said.

Once these projects are complete, other plans for the future include a new bookstore and student grill, a pedestrian courtyard and Honor’s Institute.

“These projects will give our students valuable opportunities to give them a great campus experience,” said Causey. “We will work hard to make a worthwhile return on this investment in the form of graduating educated and hardworking citizens.”

2.Once renovations are completed on building 3 at the Forrest County Center, it will house offices for student services and upgraded classrooms.

3.A new parking lot at the FCC provides an additional 80 spaces.

4.The multi-purpose room at the FCC is the primary meeting facility.