General Dynamics call center workers sue over pay


General Dynamics employees who claim they were underpaid for overtime and misclassified in Medicare call centers have filed a lawsuit against Information Technology through Hattiesburg-based law firm Roberts & Associates.

Stories in The Washington Post and The New York Times specifically referenced call centers in Hattiesburg and Bogalusa, La.

According to The New York Times article, General Dynamics systematically underpaid workers in call centers that serve beneficiaries of Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. The company could owe these workers as much as $100 million in back wages.

Workers in these call centers were purposefully asked to complete jobs above their skill levels for the same pay rate in order to skirt federal guidelines on how much contractors can pay workers in various job applications, according to reports.

With federal contract work, unless employees train and advance to higher-paying jobs or the federal government provides employees raises, their wages often stay the same.

The suit filed against General Dynamics referenced in The New York Times and The Washington Post refers to a suit filed by The Communications Workers of America union, on behalf of the employees who work in these call centers.

Roberts & Associates has filed suit against General Dynamics Information Technology in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi for underpayment of overtime wages and employee misclassification.

“If the court certifies the Collective Action, then this suit will apply to all affected workers,” attorney Robin Roberts said. “We are gathering information now on that issue.”

Call center employees who may have been affected can get information at