Snow Boogers on its way to Hattiesburg


About three years ago, a family of entrepreneurs opened the first Snow Boogers location in Perkinston, bringing their unique variety of snowballs, candy treats and puree desserts to the Gulf Coast area.

Now, Julie Bond, Chelsea Elizalde, Joe Elizalde and Crystal Conard are bringing Snow Boogers to two locations in Hattiesburg: the corner of Oak Grove Road and Old Highway 11, and in front of Winn-Dixie on Lincoln Road.

“We’re seven miles from Wiggins – we opened up in the middle of nowhere,” Bond said. “We didn’t know when we opened up that it was going to go viral, (but) it did, and people were coming from everywhere.

“And we thought, ‘What a crazy idea to open up in the middle of nowhere – what if we actually went somewhere where we had (a lot of) people?’”

To that end, the Snow Boogers staff has been bringing their mobile unit to Hattiesburg once a week – usually on Wednesdays – and setting up at the Oak Grove location. The crew is currently renovating the building at that site – which formerly housed a snow cone stand – and making plans to add a little room for parking and kids’ activities.

Once renovations are done on the building, hopefully some time in May, Snow Boogers will set up permanent shop.

Customers can choose from specialty purees including Pineapple Dream, Strawberry Lemonhead and Chocolate Rapture. In the way of shaved ice/snowballs, the menu offers such flavors as cotton candy, grape, birthday cake, watermelon and many more.

“Most of the (specialty puree desserts) are over-the-top and topped with cheesecake and brownies (and things like that),” Chelsea Elizalde said. “And we offer a variety of different candy – candy skewers, sour skewers.”

The most popular item at Snow Boogers is the Strawberry Heaven Loaded, which consists of strawberry puree, coconut ice cream, strawberry glaze, condensed milk, cheesecake and optional fruit.

“The thing is, we wanted to separate ourselves from all the other snowball stands,” Joe Elizalde said. “They’re all great – we have some great snowballs here in Hattiesburg – but we wanted to bring something a little different. Nobody has fruit purees, (and it’s) not just the product itself, but the actual experience.

“We want people to have a good time, have fun. Our home location over in Perkinston, people go and they spend the day there, because there’s a pavilion, there’s a stage, there’s stuff for kids to do, so it’s huge. And we know that Hattiesburg is a cool town – a college town and whatnot – so we wanted to give something new to the area. And I think Snow Boogers is really going to be accepted well here.”

The Oak Grove location will serve as the main Hattiesburg shop, while the site on Lincoln Road will offer a slightly smaller menu.

“We’re going to do mainly snowballs (on Lincoln Road),” Bond said. “We might just have like one or two specialties that we offer.

“It’s just a smaller (location) for us to deal with.”

And of course, no story about Snow Boogers would be complete without the origin of the shop’s name.

“We were thinking about things we could do to the snowball to make it kind of unique, and we thought about putting a little gummy worm in the snowball,” Bond said. “And I thought it looked kind of like a little booger hanging out of the cup, so that’s how we came up with Snow Boogers.

“And after we came up with the name, then it’s like ‘Well, you’ve gotta pick your booger – do you want a small booger or a big booger?’ So it seems like it’s added something to our fan base.”

For more information, including times, dates and locations for the mobile unit, visit the Snow Boogers Facebook page at