Aldermen to address road issues


Mayor Hal Marx explained the city-wide pavement survey report, which was conducted by Shows, Dearman and Waits, at a regular meeting of the Petal Board of Aldermen on Tuesday. 

Marx offered a brief explanation of the report and what it means for the city moving forward.

“What this report does is it looks at all streets, they rode all of our streets a couple of times,” he said. “You’ll notice in the back (of the booklet) they have every pothole, patch, bump, scratch, anything on our roads, listed by road and have our streets rated by failing to good.” 

He said that 20 percent of Petal roads were listed as excellent, while 3 percent of the roadway mileage was listed as failing. 

Approximately 10 percent was listed in good shape, 11.5 percent satisfactory, 21 percent fair, 23 percent poor and 6 percent very poor. 

“The excellent rating came from the repavement project that has been underway for a while,” Marx said. 

In addition to reviewing the report, Marx also offered some recommendations for how to address the issues in the future. 

“I can tell you that it’s going to be something that we’re going to have to look at if we’re going to go the paving route with some of this is going to be more expensive,” he said. “Or with a limited budget over the next few years thanks to our money from the county being cut back thanks to a lawsuit they had, we aren’t getting as much money in roads and bridges for the next several years.”

Marx suggested a preventative approach to dealing with road maintenance in the years to come.

“My thought process was that we look over the next several years at more preventative maintenance, which would extend the life of our roads that haven’t gotten in poor condition to preserve them and maybe some of that money can go back towards resurfacing,” he said. 

The issue is something the aldermen will address after taking time to review the survey report and after further discussion. 

The hearing for the TIF began at 6 p.m. Since no one showed up in regards to that, the hearing was adjourned approximately 30 seconds later. 

In other action, the board: 

• Approved the minutes for the public hearing and the regular meeting of July 18;

• Approved a request to adopt resolutions regarding property cleanup hearings;

• Approved a request to adopt resolution approving the amended and restated tax increment financing plan;

• Voted to table a request to donate to Petal High School Soccer;

• Approved a request to dispose of one Bunn coffee pot in the Civic Center;

• Approved a request to adjust water services billed to 81 Corinth Rd in the amount of $640 due to a leak;

• Approved a request to demote Employee #9395 effective Aug. 2 and place on a 12-month probationary period;

• Approved the docket of claims for July 2017;

• Approved a request for Michelle Strebeck to attend the Fall Court Clerk Seminar in Tunica Sept. 5 – 8. Total cost: $109;

• Approved a request to accept bids on New Fire Truck Bay at Station 2. Pier Con - $169,000 and Robertson Construction - $370,000;

• Approved a request to send the following equipment to auction: RELS Brake Laithe, 6’ Rotary Cutter, 5’ Side Boom Mower, 1992 Ford F800 Vacuum Truck, New Holland Tractor and Clarke Mosquito Fogger;

• Approved a request to dispose of one Troy Bilt Lawn Mower.