Faculty, staff, students raise over $6K for Texas school district


Faculty, staff and students in Petal School District have been pinching pennies lately as a way to pay it forward to other districts affected by hurricanes.

After Petal was hit by a tornado in January, numerous school districts reached out to Petal School District to offer assistance.

The schools received school supplies, cleaning supplies and gift cards that were distributed to the affected families. Their recent “Coins Count” fundraiser was a way for everyone to get involved in lending a hand to others in the aftermath of a devastating disaster.

The school district collected coins from Sept. 18 through Sept. 22 and raised a total of $6,037.76.

Each school and department received a five-gallon or one-gallon bucket to fill with coins. The maintenance department picked up the donations on Monday, September 25. A local bank helped out with counting up the change.

After the process was complete, the final count showed that Petal Primary School raised the most, with a whopping $1,645.63. Petal High School was close behind with $1,529.88.

Petal Elementary School collected $865.36, Petal Upper Elementary followed with $739.17.

Petal Middle School brought in $503.18. All departments raised a total of $754.54.

The donations will be used to purchase gift cards to send to Klein Independent School District located north of Houston that experienced damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Employees in the district have personal connections with the district, and they were able to make direct contact with officials in that district, according to Superintendent Dr. Matt Dillon.

“We received a lot of help in the aftermath of the tornado back in January, so we just want to pay it forward,” Dillon said as he revealed the plan to the Petal School District Board of Trustees before the campaign began.

Petal Schools are also planning to donate to a district in Florida that needs assistance from Hurricane Irma.