PCS Lady Bobcats look to continue sucess of recent years


Presbyterian Christian girls have made a name for themselves in recent years. Led By Coach Missy Bilderback the Lady Bobcats won the state Championship in 07-08 and 13-14.

Missy Bilderback, who is now coaching the Lady Bobcats at Jones College, left the team to now coach Mathew Lofton. Coach Lofton is entering his fifth season with PCS and looks to continue the winning ways by the Lady Bobcats.

Coach Lofton had an opportunity to go to Jones with coach Bilderback, but with his passion for the school he had to make the tough decision to stay with the team.

“I loved every minute working with Missy,” Lofton said. “We’re best friends. When it came down to it, I just had such a deep love for our students and I believe strongly in the mission of our school.”

PCS is a Christian school and throughout all sports the athletic program has put their faith above all.

Midway through the season the Lady Bobcats have kept their faith strong and equaled that commitment with a strong level of play thusfar.

Even though the Lady Bobcats lost three key seniors from a year ago, PCS has filled those roles and continued the success from recent years.

Through 17 games PCS has won 12 games and have had some quality wins versus tough opponents.

“I am so proud of our seniors this season,” Lofton said. “Obviously we lost three seniors that started every game for us. I feel like our seniors this year have assumed those roles and are carrying us to a great start.”

The Lady Bobcats have a young and talented team with 18 players suiting up and only three being seniors.

Abbygail Green, Isabella Sherer, and Allie Vann are those seniors that coach Lofton called on to lead this team moving forward.

Allie Vann is one of the best players in the area. With a smooth three point shot, and tough leadership, she can hit from anywhere on the court and crashes the boards like a post player. She leads all with 14.9 points per game and also leads the team in rebounds with 6.3 per game.

Sisters Isabella Sherer and Addyson Sherer, who are the mens basketball coaches daughters are second in scoring with 7 points per game. Both handle the ball really well and can be aggressive and take the ball to the basket and make things happen. Although Addyson is only a freshman, she plays with great intensity and will be a player to watch for years to come. Both girls lead the team in assist and steals.

Abbygail Green is averaging just under five points per game for the Lady Bobcats.

“I love where we are right now.” Lofton said. “We continue to talk about how we want to be our very best. When we do that we feel like we can compete with anyone.”

Lofton uses his bench throughout the game and capitalizes on having a roster full with 18. Using 9 to 10 players throughout the game has helped them keep the legs fresh and play an up-tempo contest.

“All these girls play really hard and it has shown this year,” Lofton said. “We are a very selfless team and we don’t care who scores just as longs as we do the scoring. They trust me and our style of play and its just fun watching these girls compete night in and night out.”

Coach Lofton is one of few coaches that take a laid-back approach coaching style. He roams up and down the sideline, talking with all 18 girls on the roster. Congratulating each player for what they do, even if it’s cheering the others on the court. He rarely yells at his girls and takes more of a positive approach. This style has all girls engaged and ready to contribute when there number is called.

The Lady Bobcats will look into that leadership to carry them through the second half of the season as they start division play on the 10th of January. With high expectations, the Lady Bobcats expect big things from this bunch for the 19-20 season.

“Its great to have that added pressure from the state championships we have achieved in previous seasons,” Lofton said. “I think in our position you want to be in a place where there is high expectations. Our girls believe in each other, and I believe in them 100 percent. My message to that is bring it on.”