PCS hosts Parklane; Bobcats looking for spark


Presbyterian Christian had a tough loss against Lamar High School, the defending 5A District 2 State Champions, in a high-scoring affair, 51-43, Friday night in Meridian.

PCS Coach Derick White said he felt like he did a poor job in his part of the game.

“We played about as bad of a game as we could have the first half,” he said. “We didn’t understand how to handle a win from the week before and just came in flat. That’s something we have to do a better job at. Understanding how to win is important because that is so new for us.”

Lamar had more than 300 yards passing with three touchdowns and 150 yards on the ground adding four touchdowns in the contest.

“They played with their hair on fire,” White said. “Being their first home game and also playing in their new stadium got those guys jacked up and ready to play. We just didn’t play very well and they got after us. They finitely outplayed us in the first half, leading to a 31-0 score in the third quarter.”

The Bobcats fought their way back bringing the game within eight points.

White said he felt like the game was still within reach and was pleased with the direction and fight the team showed late in the ballgame.

“I think the message is that we are not as good as we think we are,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of work to do. When we decide to be who we are and play as hard as we can, then we can understand we are a pretty good football team. When you score 43 points in just 10 minutes, you’re a pretty good team. We’ve got a chance to be really special, but we have a long way to go. We’ve got a young football team that has a long way to go.

Senior Rico Dorsey had an outstanding night with 283 yards rushing and four total touchdowns, leading all running back numbers in the Pine Belt through Week 2. Marquis Crosby added 195 yards on the ground with two touchdowns. All of his production was in the second half of play for the Bobcats.

According to White, getting that identity and learning how to win is something that is going to have to be learned the hard way with the toughness of this year’s PCS schedule.

“When you look at our schedule, there is no gimme games on it,” White said. “With games against Sumrall, Escambia, Lamar, and “big time” public schools, we don’t have any easy games this year. We just want to use this to toughen our team and teach us some lessons.”

“Parklane is huge; they’re physical,” White said. “They like to shorten the game up and come right at you with great players on their team. They have really good linebackers and great linemen.”

He said Parklane likes to limit possessions and wear you down until you are tired. “It’s also going to be a very hot night, so conditioning will be a big factor in the game. It’s going to be a packed house, so we’ve just got to get out there and start our district play at 1-0.”

PCS hosts Parklane in a district game Friday night. Parklane enters the game at 2-0 with wins against Sillman Institute and North Pike. The Pioneers are averaging 29 points per game. Game time is set for 7pm at PCS.