School board honors AD’s, scholar athletes


Extracurricular activities and athletics are important parts of a school district, but academics can’t be pushed aside. In Lamar County, efforts are being made for the two to work hand-in-hand with great results.

During Monday’s meeting of the Lamar County School District, the district’s three athletic directors were recognized for their scholar athletes. A scholar athlete must have an overall 3.0 GPA team-wide.

According to Asst. Superintendent Wayne Folkes, the district has 76 athletic teams that report through the Mississippi High School Activities Association. Those teams had an overall GPA of 3.62 out of a 4.0 GPA.

The athletic directors who serve the district on both the middle school and high school levels are Anita Sumrall, Sumrall High School, Chris McCardle, Oak Grove High School and Patrick Lee, who oversees Lumberton and Purvis schools and works with Baxterville.

Sumrall had a 3.78 GPA with 20 teams, while McCardle has 23 teams with a 3.47 GPA. Lee had 14 teams at Lumberton with an overall 3.53 GPA and 19 teams at Purvis with an overall 3.6 and Purvis, 3.78 GPA with 20 teams.

In other action, the board:

• approved the non-certified recommendations to hire Johnny Tart as paraprofessional assistant football coach at Purvis High School; hire Tevin Durr as paraprofessional assistant football Coach replacing Orie Hudson; hire Antonio Marriel as paraprofessional head soccer coach at Purvis High School (new position), all retroactive to Aug. 1, 2019;

• approved certified recommendations to hire Julio Martinez as boys assistant soccer coach at Oak Grove High School replacing Kieran Pettigrew;

• purchase football supplies at a cost of $7284.30 for Purvis High School from George’s Sporting Goods, to be paid from school activity funds. Alternate quote, Sports Specialty, $7,934.24;

• Cheer uniforms at a cost of $7,122.23 for Purvis High School from Varsity Spirit Fashion, to be paid from school activity funds. Alternate quote from CheerZone, $3.395.68. The higher quote is requested as uniforms are fill-ins to match existing uniforms of returning members.