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Presbyterian Christian School’s C.J. Buckhalter and Cameron Shaw didn’t know each other a few months ago. C.J. was entering the summer before his sophomore year on the Bobcats’ football team, while Shaw was making the move from Fort Worth, Texas, to Hattiesburg.

The Petal Panthers have found themselves in a rare position.

The Panthers’ backfield returns three players in 2019 who combined for 4,123 offensive yards, which leaves Petal coach Marcus Boyles and his assistant coaches with a lot of options on that side of the ball.

As of July 1, Marcus Boyles is back as the Petal Panthers head football coach.

The Mississippi high school coaching legend announced his retirement from his athletics director and head coach positions in March, but took back the reins last week.

Southern Miss basketball coach Jay Ladner admits his path to his new office inside Reed Green Coliseum isn’t common for other coaches.

“How did you do it? How can I do it?”

The Sacred Heart family is mourning right now.

DiFatta: I was almost a snack for a mamma gator


I can't personally mimic the sound, so it would be virtually impossible for me to describe in print the sound a frightened baby alligator makes. I can, however, describe the sound I made when I saw the baby's 10-foot mama swimming toward the boat.

DIFATTA: Getting acquainted with Mississippi's wild hogs


When I began deer hunting in Greene County years and years ago, there were no wild hogs, at least none that I saw. Then, a couple of years later, while easing down a swamp road on the way to my stand, a huge boar came barreling out of a marsh, stopped and stared me straight in the eye less than 10 yards away.