Too many questions not enough answers


As journalists we are taught to seek the answer to the five “W’s” of any story.

The five are who, what, when, where and why.
We try to find out who is involved in the story, what happened, when did it happen, where did it happen and, if possible, why did the situation occur.
I suppose it is the journalist in me that keeps prodding me to ask one question about the Thailand boys who were trapped in a cave two and a half miles deep in the earth. That question is “why?”
Can you visualize the length of a mile? I can. When I was a pre teen, I lived in a rural area of our state near a community called Goss. Goss was about eight miles from the town of Columbia out on Highway 13 North.
More to the point, my family home was about two miles east of Goss. About a mile from our house, in the direction of Goss (and the community store) were our nearest neighbors, the Ryals family.
Naturally, as a young buck, I would talk my folks into allowing me to travel to the store at Goss. I know that as a youngster the distance to that store seemed a mighty far piece and it seemed to take most of a morning to travel there.
I walked at first. (You must remember this was around 1960 and there didn’t seem to be much danger for a kid traveling alone.
Later I rode a bicycle, but it was still a good haul. Good distance runners can run a mile in about four minutes. Have you ever watched a distance race? If so, you can imagine how far a mile is.
My question is, “Why did those teens and pre teens venture two and a half miles into that cave?” I know there leader was a young man of 25, but surely he could recognize the danger of taking a group of youngsters that deep into the bowels of the earth. That was stupid!
Another thing that puzzles me is why to illegal immigrants bring their children with them to cross into the United States? By now they should know that they will be separated if caught by the border patrol. I know the U.S. seems like the land of milk and honey, but are things so bad in Mexico that they risk the consequences if captured?
I guess one of the big attractions is work. While we have a minimum wage in the U.S., unqualified workers in Mexico only earn between $300 and $500 a month.
Finally, why did Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general, announce the indictments of 12 Russian agents only days before President Trump was to meet with the Russian president Putin in Helsinki?
Supposedly, these Russian agents were responsible for hacking the Democrats during the last presidential election.
To me, this seems like very poor timing designed to undermine President Trump.
The timing cannot possibly be a coincidence.
Could it?
Things like this poor timing and a lot of other things seem to be designed to hinder Trump in his job as world leader.
It all boils down to election envy. The Democrats can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton did not win the election.
Even Hillary herself popped up recently for the purpose of bad mouthing President Trump’s nomination for Supreme Court justice.
Too many questions; not enough answers.

Petal’s Louis Breakfield is a former editor of The Columbian-Progress and The Magee Courier. Breakfield also taught high school for 25 years. Reach him via email at: