Opinion: Presidential infidelity not a new thing


I admit that I am not a person deeply involved in politics, but after some national political news has been staring me in the face for over a year, I’m ready to vent.

As you and everyone with a television knows by now, Robert Mueller, former FBI director was hired to investigate any collusion between Russia and Donald Trump during or after the 2016 election.

Now, after a year and a half, Mueller and his Democratic cronies on his “committee” haven’t been able to come up with a whit of evidence to  prove that any collusion took place. Yet, they continue the investigation.

Is it because this is a “witch hunt” and Mueller is determined to find some little nugget of so-called evidence? Is it because the special counsel’s job pays well and the guy doesn’t have any other job prospects? Either way, the witch hunt needs to end.

Now inter Stormy Daniels, porn star. Miss Daniels has claimed that President Trump had an “affair” with her. She also claims to have received a cash settlement to keep her mouth shut. Why doesn’t she keep her mouth shut? Personally, I think she wants some publicity for her failing career choice.

I don’t know why she would be a porn “star.” She is not very attractive, so perhaps she needs more money for a make-over.

Back to Mueller. I promise this all ties into the story.

Mueller’s latest move is to have the President’s attorney’s office raided, ostensibly to find proof of something, anything.

Conjecture is that Mueller is trying to find proof of a payoff to Miss Daniels to buy her silence on the matter of President Trump.

If true, that little fact finding raid had nothing to do with Russian involvement with the 2016  presidential election. But then, after a year and a half of fruitless wandering in the desert, what better does he have to do to keep his job?

If, and it is a big IF, President Trump had an affair with Stormy, he joins a long, long line of U. S. Presidents to have had a wandering eye.

For instance, we have only to go back to Randy Bill Clinton, and it conjures up the image of Monica Lewinsky and their “dilliance” in the White House. Bill served out his terms in office, and today is a rich man thanks to the Clinton Foundation, a total rip off.

Who can forget John F. Kennedy and his and his brother Robert playing “slap and tickle’’ with non other than Marily Monroe? To get a better understanding of who was the pursuer in this relationship, go to youtube.com and look up Marilyn’s famous “Happy Birthday” song to the president.

Let’s go way back to Thomas Jefferson, who owned a number of slaves. One of those slaves was Sally Hemings, with whom Jefferson is said to have fathered six children. Meeting in Paris where Sally was a free woman, Sally negotiated with Jefferson to return to the states as his slave with “extraordinary privileges” and freedom for any children she might bear.

We can go further back, all the way to the “Father” of our country, George Washington. Washington, too, owned a number of slaves and is said to have fathered one child by a slave named Venus.

Remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Turns out that even in wheel chair, FDR was a bit of a player. His affair lasted from at least 1918, when wife Eleanor got wind of the affair to his death in 1945. Lucy was the one who wanted the portrait of FDR for which he was posing when he suffered a massive stroke and died minutes later.

Anyone my age remembers Dwight Eisenhower who became president after serving as general in charge of European Operations during World II. While in Europe, Eisenhower had a personal driver named Kay Summersby. It is pretty much accepted that the two had a long-lasting affair.

Grover Cleveland, our 22nd and 24th president was known to have paid child support to his mistress, Maria Crofts Halpin.

James Garfield had an affair with an 18-year-old newspaper reporter named Lucia Gilbert Calhoun. The affair ended when Mrs. Garfield found out about it.

Warren G. Harding had an illegimate child with a woman named Nan Britton. The child was proven to be Harding’s in 2015 through DNA testing.

John Tyler was married twice and fathered 15 children by those two wives. He also fathered several children by slaves.

Now, leave President Donald Trump alone and let him do his job just as these other presidents did.

Louis Breakfield of Petal is a former editor of The Columbian-Progress and The Magee Courier. Breakfield also taught high school for 25 years.