State teachers get double slapped in the face (and wallet): It’s time for state educators to stand up for themselves


The Mississippi legislature once again failed to give public school teachers a meaningful pay raise earlier this month.

At the same time the Lieutenant Governor – who couldn’t get the money he wanted for education vouchers to support private schools – secretly slipped a cool two million dollars into a non-education bill to get his money.

Literally, public school teachers in Mississippi got double slapped in the face by state leaders.

Why did the legislature and Tate Reeves do what they did?

It’s simple. They know they can, and there is nothing Mississippi teachers can – or will – do about it.

Our state leadership looks at teachers as a bunch of little schoolmarms not to be taken seriously. 

They know 20% of teachers will be upset by being betrayed once again, 20% of teachers simply don’t care for whatever reason, and 60% of teachers will be thankful for the crumbs they get and go about business as usual.

So, what do they have to fear if they stick it to teachers?

Our leaders in Jackson know come election time teachers will be among the first in line to vote them back into office regardless of how badly they have been treated. 

They understand teachers have short memories, so they have nothing to fear as long as they do their dirty work far in advance of election day.  It is sad they get away with it year after year after year.

GOOD GRIEF TEACHERS! Wake up!  Join forces and vote these people out of office.

Show them who is boss with your vote and end the disrespect and underhanded deals that short change public school children and teachers. 

It is time for teachers to stop voting for people because they are from a certain party, they are “good ole boys,” or they know their mamas. 

Together teachers have the power to vote people out of office who have demonstrated repeatedly their support is only a token nod at election time.

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely teachers will ban together? 

Politicians in Jackson know that as well, so they continue to do unto teachers as they please. 

The political establishment in Jackson is not a friend of public education or its teachers. As a whole, they never have been a friend of teachers – especially during the course of the past eight years. 

The sad truth is unless educators wake up, the next eight years will be little better and probably worse. If the recent action of the man many have christened as our next governor is an indication of his integrity and commitment to private education, public education in Mississippi and its teachers are in trouble.

It is time teachers do what they teach their students – Think and stand up for yourself! 

Practice what you preach teachers! 

Stand up and be heard at the next ballot. If not, enjoy your pay raise, and watch quietly as more and more of your money is funneled to private education. 

The state legislature holds teachers accountable for their actions in the classroom, so it is about time teachers held legislators accountable for their actions regarding public education.

Teachers, please don’t have another memory lapse on election day! 



Now retired, Jack Linton served as assistant superintendent of Petal Schools from 2007 to 2013. Prior to that, he was principal of Petal High School from 1997 to 2007. In 2004, Linton was named Mississippi High School Principal of the Year. A native of Lamar County, he graduated with degrees from both the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University.