Son of former sheriff facing simple assault charges


The son of former Forrest County Sheriff Billy McGee will soon appear in court to face a charge of assault by attempt of physical menace with fear or threat/simple assault.

According to documents from Hattiesburg Police Department and Hattiesburg Municipal Court, Forrest McGee is scheduled to come before the court on Feb. 12.

If he fails to appear on his court date, he will be arrested on a contempt warrant, charged $100 and be sentenced to serve a minimum of three days in jail.

An incident report obtained from HPD shows that officers responded to the 200 block of Greenwood Place at about 12:45 p.m. May 27, 2019 regarding a report of simple assault.

According to the report, “Mr. McGee told (redacted) that he was going to beat his a** on social media.”

The names of the responding officers, as well as that of the alleged victim, have been redacted from the report.

In April 2015, McGee pleaded guilty to simple assault for attacking Tom Garmon, the Hattiesburg man behind the Hattiesburg Patriot News Media website.

McGee was assessed a suspended fine of $601.75 and ordered to complete an anger management course, at which point the case was non-adjudicated.

In his report, Garmon stated that McGee assaulted him outside the Forrest County Chancery Court building on the way to a meeting of the Forrest County Board of Supervisors. The complaint stated that the assault was a result of stories concerning Billy McGee that were published on Garmon’s website.

“Forrest approached (Garmon) in an angrily (sic) manner,” the complaint states. “ … Forrest punched (Garmon) in the face with a closed fist which caused a scratch to the left side of the face.”

According to the complaint, McGee pushed Garmon to the ground and punched him repeatedly in the head area.