Fox's Pizza Den and Panther Yogurt set to open in Eastbrook Commons


Almost a year and a half after the shops in Eastbrook Commons were destroyed by the January 2017 EF-3 tornado, Fox’s Pizza Den is set to return to the Petal shopping center, along with a new yogurt shop.

Fox’s Pizza and Panther Yogurt are under the new ownership of Logan White, Melody White, Carey Smith and Joy Smith, and if all goes according to plan the eateries will open sometime in June at 100 Eastbrook Drive, Suite 80.

“It’s kind of the way Petal’s changing – everything’s changing,” Logan White said of the decision to bring the store back. “Pizza Hut’s gone, and I just think we need a family environment, sit-down pizza place.

“We haven’t had the yogurt or ice cream (for a while), so we wanted to do something family-oriented and community-oriented. I think with everything changing, and all the pizza places going away from sit-down, home-style stuff, we just needed to try to keep it in Petal. So that was the thought process behind it – try to keep stuff local in a place where you can sit down and relax, and not always drive-through on-the-go stuff.”

Fox’s Pizza Den’s offerings will be similar to the Oak Grove and Sumrall locations, with various types of pizzas, wedgie and hoagie sandwiches, strombolis and salad.

“As far as I understand, we’re going to do the whole menu and just play it out,” Logan White said. “We’ll see what Petal wants and try to give them what they want.”

Panther Yogurt will offer soft-serve ice cream and yogurt, along with a topping bar. The store will have five machines, each of which are capable of two separate flavors or a blend of those two flavors.

“So you’ll get your cup, get your ice cream and get all your toppings, and it’s sold by the weight,” Carey Smith said. “You come around to the register there and weigh it up.

“I think we’ll have somewhere around 24 different toppings.”

So far, the Whites and Smiths have received ample amounts of positive feedback about the upcoming opening of the shop.

“(It’s been) extremely massive, overwhelming support and excitement for us to come back and be open,” Logan White said. “It’s been a lot more than expected.”

Given that, Carey White expects Fox’s Pizza Den and Panther Yogurt to be received openly in the Friendly City.

“Everybody that we have told about bringing Fox’s in has been excited about it, because everybody says that was their favorite place,” he said. “I haven’t had anyone say anything negative – all the time, people are asking when it’s open, especially my preacher.

“We’re all home-grown folks – my mother is a retired teacher in Petal, and my three brothers graduated from Petal, (along with) me and my five children. So I think everything will work out good, and we just ask God’s blessing, because if we don’t involve him in everything we do, it’s not worth doing. So that’s what we’re looking for.”