Christian bookstore to open in Petal

Brenda Roberts had originally planned to open a new Christian bookstore in the former McDonald’s building on East Central Avenue in Petal.
Although those plans didn’t quite come to fruition, Petal residents can still expect The Light House of Petal Christian Book Store to open in a different location by Christmas of next year.
“I’m going to be honest – I was inspired by the Lord (to open this store),” said Roberts, who works at Holmes Law Firm. “It’s just a mission that the Lord put on me.
“And Petal has a huge need for something like this. Everybody has stressed that – the teachers have stressed it, all the churches have stressed it to me.”
In addition to the books, the store will offer teacher’s supplies and a coffee/pastry shop named Hebrews. The shop also will host bible story time with staff and volunteers.
“It’ll be a little different – more personal stuff for teachers, stuff that Walmart doesn’t carry that teachers need,” Roberts said. “Teachers need personal items that they have to seek out at other places, because places like Walmart just don’t carry it.
“And with (Hebrews), a lot of people like to sit and read books and have a cup of coffee while doing that, and Petal doesn’t really have a little sit-down coffee shop, per se. McDonald’s and Ward’s and Hardee’s has coffee and things like that, but they don’t have a bookstore where you can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries all through the day, and read a book.”
Roberts is currently in the process of finding a new location and working with investors to get the store ready to go.
“I do already have one investor with me, but I do need another one,” she said. “And I know there’s other people that would love to do that for a piece of the pie.”
Mayor Hal Marx said he looks forward to Roberts opening the Light House of Petal Christian Book Store.
“I spoke with Brenda (Friday) morning about her plans to bring a Christian bookstore to Petal,” he said. “I gave her some contact information on a couple of other properties in the city.
“I hope she is successful in finding a suitable location. People in Petal are excited at the possibility of such a business being here. I believe it would be a success.”