Map confusion concerns Lamar County residents


After recent town hall meetings to provide updates on Lamar County’s Comprehensive Plan, county officials are still trying to convince residents that a piece of property near the Canebrake subdivision is not being zoned for a Walmart.

County Administrator Joseph “Jody” Waits said the confusion came after the Land Use Inventory map was not updated.

“What’s happening is there is a community that’s up next to some undeveloped property along (U.S. Hwy.) 98,” he said. “There is a piece of land that is undeveloped right there that is a color that is associated with Indoor Commercial. It was colored that way because the time we pulled the data and handed it to the mappers, the developer of that property had a master plan. He had a potential client for that property that we knew was Walmart. Walmart came and the developer came and they went to the Planning Department a couple of years ago and said, ‘We are going to bring it forth to the Planning Commission,’ which they did.”

Waits said that action started a series of other actions.

“When that happens – anyone comes to town with a plan – they go over to Addressing and they go into their file and Freda puts a mark in her file that says something potential is going on here,” he said. “They put a note in their file that says, ‘Future site of Walmart.’ That data was handed to the mapper at that time, the map was colored that color at the time and we moved on.”

However, things changed.

“As we know, there have been no zoning requests about that, nothing ever got to the board about that, nothing has ever been changed about that and I think the property is in the hands of somebody different,” Waits said. “There’s a different sign in front of it. The Planning Commission never even completed the task because Walmart as a developer withdrew. We never heard anything about it; we’ve never done anything about it.”

The action was taken more than a year ago.

“Our part should have been to look at that, see that, know that … and say that it is the wrong color and we should change it back,” Waits said. “Nobody said anything and we put it out in front of the public.”

The other maps that were used during the meetings were the Land Use and Thoroughfares plan – which is a map of how things might grow in 10-20 years based on all of the information – and the Zoning Map, “which is in fact the law,” Waits said.

“It is a legal document; it says how things are. There is a way to change that; it goes through a process. You have to go through Planning, you request a hearing, signs are put up everywhere, it goes through the process, it comes to (the supervisors) and you vote on it.”

Waits said residents who attended the Comprehensive Plan town hall meetings believed Walmart was still planning to build in that area.

“What that did at our last meeting is folks left that meeting still convinced that we are still trying to rezone that area for Walmart,” he said. “That is not the case. We refer them back to the zoning map that shows that’s not zoned for that. And, we refer them back to all our calendars and all our public data that shows that we know that is not true.”

In other action May 24, the board:

• Approved the May 7 Board Minutes

• Resigned: Angela D. Tilghman, Dispatch effective May 17, 2018.

• Resigned: Adam Alexander, North Bridge effective May 24, 2018.

• Rate Change: Lisa McDonald, Dispatch effective May 7, 2018 from $17.30 per hour to $17.80 per hour for the Completion of EMS Certification.

• Rate Change: Kenneth Bullock, South Bridge effective April 23, 2018 from $13 per hour to $13.50 per hour.

• New Hire: Joshua Jaciuk, Sanitation Hopper effective May 21, 2018 at $10.50 per hour.

• Status Change: Regina Breazeale, from Fire Coordination Administrative Assistant to Tax Office Teller effective May 28, 2018, no change in pay.

• New Hire: Trevor Atkins, South Road Crew Member effective May 29,2018 at $11 per hour.

• New Hire: Stephen Kennard, North Bridge Heavy Equipment effective June 4,2018 at $13.65 per hour.

• Status Change: Douglas Johnson, North Bridge from Crew Member to Heavy Equipment effective June 4, 2018 from $13.40 per hour to $14 per hour.

• Status Change: William R Maxell, South Bridge from Crew Member to Light Equipment effective June 4,2018, no change in pay.

• Approved the MDOT permit to install culvert on HWY 589 for Sigma Companies.

• Approved the MDOT permit to install culvert on HWY 589 for Stanley Kemp.

• Approved amending the Four-year Road Plan to add Country Lane, Maple Ridge Street and Longbranch Street in District 4 and McRaney Road in District 3 for hot mix asphalt.

• Approved advertise county resources for $300 with Super Talk Radio during National Police Week to be paid from District 4.

• Approval for Board President to execute fiscal year 2017 engagement letter for financial statement audit.

• Approved designating Joseph Waits, County Administrator; Jason Cuevas, Comptroller and Wayne Smith, Chancery Clerk as audit representatives for fiscal year 2017.

• Approved Board President, Joe Bounds, Chancery Clerk Wayne Smith, County Administrator Joseph Waits and County Comptroller Jason Cuevas to sign the risk assessment letter for fiscal year 2017 audit.

• Approved advertising County resources for $200 for sponsorship of Sumrall High School Dance Team to be paid from D5 Parks and Recreation.

• Approved advertising county resources in accordance with Mississippi Code §17-3-1 in the amount of $500 for sponsorship of the Purvis High School Show Choir to be paid from District 3 Parks and Recreation.

• Approved pay lawful expenses for Dispatch Director Rosemary Ezell, Dispatcher Jennie Gray and Dispatcher Kaitlyn Haynes to participate in the Webinar Demo AQUA version 7 on May 18, 2018. This is the latest version of the quality assurance program for medical dispatch that is due to be implemented July 1, 2018.

• Received and Entered Proof of Publication of advertisement for Labor, materials and equipment to complete the Oloh Fire Station No. 3.

• Approved paying lawful expenses of Dispatcher Bre Neary to attend the Dispatcher  Education/Active Attack Integrated Response Course, May 30-31, 2018 in Pearl, MS.

• Approved transferring $2,788.80 from District 3 Parks and Recreation to County Wide Road for work performed by the Road Department.

• Took under advisement the request from Lamar County School Board to assist with construction of a building pad and storm drain for new maintenance shop on Hwy. 11 across from Purvis High School.

• Approved paying lawful expenses of Clerical Deputy Shauna Harvey to attend L.E. A.P.S Certification class July 22-27, 2018 in Tupelo. There will be no cost for this training, however, there is a lodging fee in the amount of $545.

• Approved paying $100 for a two-year polygraph examiner license for Investigator Lance Emfinger.

• Status Change: Angela Guy, from Jail Canteen Clerk to Sheriff Department Clerical Deputy/Warrants Division effective June 4, 2018. No change in pay.

• Resigned: Lori Ryals, Sheriff Department effective May 18,2018.

• Received and entered the FY-2017 Central Lamar Fire Protection District Financial Statement.

• Approved paying lawful expenses for Andrew Pylant to attend Fire Management 101 class coming up July 20-Aug. 2, 2018.

• Approved paying lawful expenses for Purvis Volunteer Firefighters Dale Moore, Savannah Sandridge, Jerry Green, Larry Boyles and Zach Stromeyer to attend the MS Firefighter conference June 1-3, 2018 in Gulfport.

• Rate Change: Daniel Camey, Central Lamar effective June 4, 2018 from $ 13.25 per hour to $13.50 per hour for the NFPA 1031-1 Fire Inspector Certificate.

• Approved the asset deletion list as submitted and dispose of as indicated on the attached inventory deletion form.

• Approved changes in Assessments as submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

• Approved changes in Homestead as submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

• Approved Tax Sale Cancellations as submitted by the Tax Collector/Assessor.

• Approved setting a public hearing on the cleanup of 92 Pine Burr Road, Lumberton. Property is in Supervisor District 3.

• Approved adding three-way stop signs at the intersection of Military Road and A. Broome Road in District 5 at the recommendation of the Road Manager.

• Approved apply for a $50,000 Rural Development Grant for Lumberton to be used with a $90,000 RFTAAP Supplemental Grant to purchase an Initial Attack Truck. Cost of apparatus expected to be $180,000-$190,000. Balance of funding to be provided by a CAP loan paid from Lumberton funding.

• Approved purchase a tip boom assembly for $6,222.29 from Hol-Mac Corp as a sole source provider.

• Approved advertising county resources in the amount of $1,000 for sponsorship of the ARC.