LCSD’s Parents As Teachers visit Teacher Academy


Lamar County School District’s “Parents as Teachers” met with Year 1 Teacher Academy students at the Lamar County Center for Technical Education and explained the services they provide. 

PAT is a parent education and support program offered by LCSD to residents of Lamar County with children under the age of 5. The program offers prenatal and child development information designed to empower parents to be their child's first and best teacher. 

Services provided by PAT include monthly Home Visits tailored to a child's age and development, Group Connections that offer peer support and interaction with other parents, Screenings & Community Referrals that assess a child's overall development and connect parents with local services, and a Parent Resource Center containing child development materials available for check-out.

In their visit with Teacher Academy students, the representatives from PAT discussed developmental milestones from birth to three and demonstrated a developmental milestone assessment they do with children in the district.

During the assessment, Teacher Academy students were able to watch as PAT educators interacted with an 18-month-old to assess cognitive, social/emotional, and motor skills. Milestone checklists were explained and Teacher Academy students had the opportunity to discuss which milestones were observed using their own checklists.

The Teacher Academy Program at Lamar County Center for Technical Education is currently offered to 10th-11th grade students who have an interest in exploring a career in education. The program provides more than 100 hours of observations and field experience options in various grade levels and academic settings.

 For more information, please contact the Lamar County Center for Technical Education at 601-794-8298 or email the instructor at