SaviLinx expands footprint with Hub City facility


To support the expansion of a large contract with a government agency, SaviLinx, LLC has opened a new 43,000-square-foot contact center facility in the Cloverleaf Center in Hattiesburg. The company currently employs 260 work-from-home agents in the area and more than 550 seasonal agents and is poised to hire several hundred additional seasonal and permanent positions this fall.

In 2017 the company saw revenue of $10.5 million and has seen a three-year growth of 816 percent.

 “With the expansion of government contracts, we needed to expand our capacity. Hattiesburg is a great place for us to grow," said Heather D. Blease, founder and CEO, SaviLinx. “We have a fantastic team here and are thrilled to be hiring more agents for seasonal and permanent work.

“Little did we know that four short years (after the company was established as a woman-owned small business) that we would have our own space in the Cloverleaf Center. We started with a team of 15. At this moment, we employee more than 700 people in Hattiesburg and plan to hire several hundred more.”

SaviLinx has managed its Mississippi-based work-from-home team from a small facility in Hattiesburg for more than four years. The new brick-and-mortar facility is located within a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), as is the Brunswick, Maine, headquarters campus, which is located in a decommissioned naval station.

SaviLinx earned HUBZone certification in 2016, enabling it to compete for certain federal contracts by hiring employees in these underserved areas. 

Blease attributed making such an investment in the Hub City to its people. “It comes down to people,” she said. “The state has a talented, educated, hardworking work force and they have really shaped what SaviLinx is today.

“it takes a village to raise a child and I guess you could say it takes a village to raise a new company and I’m so grateful ours is within the village of Hattiesburg.”

Blease said SaviLinx’s new Cloverleaf Center is a huge milestone for company. 

“But this is really truly a celebration for all of us collectively. We are able to thrive and grow in this community, because of all the work you’ve all done here as well. We all have a part in the success of SaviLinx. I believe that our investment and enthusiasm for the city grows every day. I can’t thank you enough for being so welcoming, or having the programs and infrastructure in place to embrace a company like ours.”

Kim Williams, who serves as COO, said it was no surprise that finding the right location and the right people for their company is one of the most important decisions they had ever made.

“And we certainly hit the jackpot when we found Hattiesburg, Miss. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked around the world and I can honestly say, I’ve never met a more friendly and supportive community than what we’ve met here in Mississippi.

“We are very lucky to have found a home in Hattiesburg. Thank you for making it so easy to grow and succeed.”

Glenn McCullough, executive director the Mississippi Development Authority, represented the state in Gov. Phil Bryant’s absence.

“A $354,000 capital investment is what we’re celebrating today,” he said. “Your best days are yet to come.”

Mayor Toby Barker said he was looking forward to SaviLinx and its employees becoming part of the very fabric of the city, while Forrest County Board of Supervisors President David Hogan said he looked forward for the county helping them grow their business,

SaviLinx is hiring seasonal positions this fall in Mississippi and Maine to support a government contract. These positions will range from one week to three months in length, with some converting to permanent status. Prospective employees can visit for more information about open positions.