New medical clinic coming to former Izzo’s building


The former Izzo’s Illegal Burrito location on Hardy Street will soon be home to a new medical center, a move made possible by Hattiesburg City Council’s approval of three land code variances to the site.

Council members voted 5-0 Tuesday to approve the variances, which were requested in a petition filed by Brian Nettles of Hub City Lodge, to allow the development of Hattiesburg’s second TrustCare facility. As it is, the property is located in a triangle of sorts at the corner of Ross Boulevard and Hardy Street, making further development tricky for business owners.

“They just have a very problematic site, in that they have a frontage on three different sides of the property,” said Andrew Ellard, director of the city’s Urban Development Department. “Sometimes when it comes to development and redeveloping something and making it new and making it conform to the (Land Development) Code, it can be a little problematic.

“In this case, setbacks were a bit of a challenge for (the applicants), so they wanted to come before the council to ask for some variances, so they have a little bit easier path forward in developing the site.”

According to the petition, the proposed building additions encroach into the front setbacks along Hardy Street and the western portion of Ross Boulevard. The site has three front setbacks, and the right-of-way from the eastern side of Ross Boulevard encroaches heavily into the parking lot, taking up some of the parking spaces on the eastern edge.

“The property was significantly impacted by the rerouting of Ross Boulevard on both sides of the parcel in the late 2000s,” the petition states. “There is now a 30’ building setback, 10’ green space, and 5’ sidewalk requirement on three sides of the parcel.

“While the current building has been grandfathered, necessary modifications to the building are very challenging. Additionally, the abandoned strip of right-of-way east of the parcel has not been officially transferred to the adjacent property, although it has been utilized by the adjacent property for parking with city approval.”

The Hattiesburg Board of Adjustment recently voted 6-0 to recommend the approval of the variances.

“The reason they came forward to request the variances was to get what they needed in order to move forward,” Ellard said. “I expect that they’ll be moving forward in short order.

“They’re going to largely use much of the facility that’s there, but there will be some redeveloping going on there as well. We’ve been working very well with this applicant, and we’re looking forward to what their development will do for the city.”

TrustCare is a privately-owned, Mississippi-based health company with several locations across the state, including the Hattiesburg location on U.S. 98. Other locations include Brandon, Jackson, Flowood and Ridgeland.