Highway sign for Forrest County Jail to drop ‘McGee’ moniker


Motorists traveling on U.S. 49 near the Forrest County Jail will soon see new signage leading the way to that facility, with updated wording replacing the current verbiage.

Members of the Forrest County Board of Supervisors recently voted to change the wording on the green Mississippi Department of Transportation sign from “Billy McGee Law Enforcement Complex” to “Forrest County Sheriff’s Office and Correctional Facility.” Board President David Hogan said the request was made by recently-elected Sheriff Charlie Sims – who took office on Jan. 6 – in order to more clearly specify to travelers that the complex also serves as the county jail.

“That way people coming down the highway won’t have to read ‘Billy McGee Law Enforcement Complex,’ and wonder whether that’s it or not, when they’re trying to find the jail and the sheriff’s department,” Hogan said.

The large lighted sign at the entrance to the jail will still retain its current “Billy McGee Law Enforcement Complex” wording at the top of the sign, but beneath that, the sign will feature Sims’ name as sheriff. The address of the facility, 55 Arena Drive, will remain at the very bottom of the sign.

Any fees associated with the changes are expected to be insignificant.

“I’m not 100 percent sure, but there might be a nominal cost to put the (new) sheriff’s name on the lighted sign,” Hogan said. “But it shouldn’t be much.”