Midnight on Front Street – Call for artists


In 1912, The Henry L Doherty Company, a leader in Hattiesburg industry at the time, promised that if the Commercial Club of Hattiesburg would select a slogan and design a sign for its display that it would manufacture, erect and maintain – without any cost to the city – a sign 42-feet in diameter with 1,142 lights, rising 50-feet above the Ross Building (now the American Building) and 140-feet from the sidewalk.

The Commercial Club fulfilled their promise – selecting R. R. Swittenburg’s entry of “The Hub City” as the winner. And quickly following, the Henry L. Doherty Company also fulfilled their own promise. On Thanksgiving in 1912, they presented what we now know as the Hub Sign, which served as a visual reminder that the City of Hattiesburg was indeed "The Hub."

One hundred and six years later in 2018, Mayor Toby Barker ushered in 2019 by “dropping” a three-sided replica of the Hub Sign, outfitted with LED lights and suspended approximately 100 feet in the air from a Hattiesburg Fire Truck at Midnight on Front Street, the city’s inaugural New Year’s Eve Celebration.

This year, to honor the Hub Sign's rich history (which began with an idea and a contest), the City of Hattiesburg is proudly partnering with the Hattiesburg Arts Council, VisitHattiesburg and Downtown Hattiesburg to host a Call for Artists that will create the official event poster for Midnight on Front Street.



· The contest is open to residents of the City of Hattiesburg.

· There is no age limitation.

· One entry per entrant.


Theme & Prompt

From then to now. Artists can submit a work of art around their interpretation of the 1912 Hub Sign Illumination event, the 2018 Inaugural Hub Sign Drop or a rendering of both. For a full back story and photos from both events – visit www.hburgnye.com.

The deadline for all entries is Wednesday, Dec. 4. For details about submitting, participants can visit http://bit.ly/hburgnyecall.