City conducts Gordon’s Creek study in advance of Lincoln Road expansion


In advance of the anticipated widening of Lincoln Road, Hattiesburg City Council members have approved a drainage study of Gordon’s Creek to determine how that roadwork would impact the creek and nearby areas.

The study, which was approved at a recent council meeting, will be initiated by the Mississippi Department of Transportation and will concern the area of Gordon’s Creek that runs between Interstate 59 and U.S. 49.

“Looking at it, there’s always been plans to enhance Lincoln Road itself (by) widening it,” City Engineer Lamar Rutland said. “So we’re looking how the widening of Lincoln Road would affect Gordon’s Creek and the entities around Gordon’s Creek itself.

“We’ve had a lot of concerns from the neighborhoods in the area about raining and flooding of Gordon’s Creek. So we’re really looking to see if any improvements can be made to Gordon’s Creek to help reduce that flooding, and also considering the future intentions to widen Lincoln 


Officials will now go through a procurement process to select a consultant for the project, at which point experts will begin analyzing the data from the study. Because of the indefinite length of that process, there is no timeline for the project.

A cost for the drainage study has not been determined, as city officials have yet to secure a contract with any organizations.

Rutland said the widening of Lincoln Road, which is expected to be funded with $2.3 million in federal funds and $1.04 million in local funds, will not take place for quite some time.

“The concern is that the city is growing east to west,” he said. “Right now, Hardy Street’s probably close to capacity, and we experience some delays on 4th Street and on Lincoln Road itself when you’re at your peak hours traveling from east to west.”